A Solution

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Valerie's POV:

The day that we would be traveling to New York to meet the representatives of the United Nations that had agreed to help with our problem. We had already talked to them through a videoconference where we had explained our problem and what we hoped would happen with their help.

That morning we met in the courtyard after breakfast. We were all wearing our uniforms because it was a formal meeting. They were white breeches and boots, with a shirt that was the color that represented our element, and the symbol sewn on. The jackets were a darker shade of our elements' color, and also had the symbol sewn on the left side over the position of the heart. We mounted our dragons, and we took off, en route to the big apple, New York City.

We arrived an hour later and landed right in front of the United Nations building. We dismounted and went inside. Not all the buildings were like the Academy, and the dragons were to big to go inside. We met one of the representatives in the lobby, and he led us to the room we would be using for the negotiations. The presidents of the three countries that were also invited, although none of them had arrived, considering distance, jet lag, and the fact that dragons were a lot faster.

While they arrived we were asked to tell the UN representatives the whole story from the beginning. We did, of course making it coincidence with the public version we had given that skipped over our country hopping. They said that they had liked the fact that we wanted to promote peace between all the countries, and aid that they could help us if we ever had any doubts. Unlike the other governments, they were actually sincere and well meaning.

The presidents arrived soon after that, and we began negotiations. We explained the purpose of the Riders was to be a mediator between countries to keep the peace, just as they had done before they had been forced into hiding for their own safety. That was why we had to be independent, and accepting any of their offers would change that balance because then the other countries wouldn't accept us as a neutral order that wouldn't take any side, but instead helped solve conflicts without violence. Obviously we didn't say it, but another very important reason for our decision was the fact that we all knew that politicians were not to be trusted. All they wanted was more power.

Finally, between arguments coming from both us and the UN, we were able to convince all three presidents to stop their argument, and let us be independent. They left, and we thanked the representatives of the UN for their help.

"We may not be able to do this very often because we're all still in school, but if you ever need anything you can call us. We owe you because of this. They would have never listened otherwise." Diana said.

We arrived back at the Academy an hour later, and celebrated. The problem was over, and we would be able to focus on more important things now. For one, finding other Riders. Adele had had a dream a few days ago, which was basically a series of flashbacks of different dragon mothers hiding their eggs on their own with magic, the same way the Riders had done. That meant that soon enough, or maybe it had happened already, other dragons would hatch, and we needed to guide them and their Riders here to the Academy to train them. The thing is that we couldn't go country hopping like last time, so we would have to figure something else out.

"Hey, do you remember the dream memory that talked about the tracking spell?" Amethyst asked.

"Yes why?" I was confused. Honestly, I think that the only one that wasn't was Amethyst herself.

" I think it said something about it being able to be placed on an object. If that works, then we can place it on a map, and it will alert us to new Riders, and only then we will have to send someone to get them, unless they can get here on their own," She explained.

"Oh. It actually is a good idea. Maybe we can also do something like what they did in my favorite series, and send a letter with the instructions if we dont have to go get them." Typical Raven. She definitely loved that series. Maybe even more than I did, and that was a lot.

We agreed on that, and placed the spell on a world map that we had found. I didn't even know we had it in the first place.

It was Monday, and I couldn't wait to be able to have school without all the stress I'd had since the reveal. I also wanted to tell Callum about what had happened over the weekend. I could have texted him, but I wanted to tell him in person. I also wanted to introduce him to my other friends. I had texted him to meet us in the hallway before class started, and there he was.

Smiling, I introduced them, "Raven, Anne, Eric, Natalia, Diana, Elizabeth, Hans, Jin, Padma, Trixie and Adele, meet Callum. Callum, meet the Riders."

"Hi. Nice to meet you."

"You too."

"Want to tell me what the good news is?"

I had a confused look. "How do you know?"

"I want to be a CSI in the future remember? I'm training myself to observe, not only see, to use the words of a famous author I'm sure you all recognize by the quote on its own. Anyway, what do you want to tell me? I have a few suspicions."

"We met with the presidents and the UN on Saturday, and finally got them to listen. The political problem is over. At least for now."

"That's wonderful!"

"Yeah. Now we can focus on recruiting other Riders."

"You sure Callum isn't more than a friend?" My dragoness teased.

"Of course I'm sure. How many times have I told you?"

I blocked her out, shaking my head.

Several days later, we were at the Academy when Isaldrí said she'd sensed a dragon coming. It had to be the new Rider we had sent the letter to a day or two ago. They had decided to arrive on their own, since it was close enough. We knew absolutely nothing about them, and I was really excited which clearly showed in the fact that I was almost jumping up and down as we went out to the courtyard.

Just a minute later, I could see a dark figure flying towards us. I couldn't see what color the dragon was, or even their gender, but I smiled thinking that we had accomplished our goal. This was the start of a new part of history.

Hi guys, I hope you liked this chapter. The next will be the final one before Legacy. Any thoughts/predictions about the new Rider?


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