Anne's and Raven's first flight.

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Valerie's POV:

A few days after introducing my friends to Isaldrí, I was looking through my mail, when I saw one from the company that was making the saddle. It said that I could go pick up the saddle today.
"Finally! The saddle is ready!"
"Yes! The other one is so uncomfortable! Isaldrí protested.

That afternoon I want to pay for it and took it back to the stable. I texted Anne and Raven that it had got there and that tomorrow they could fly with me, since I wanted to try it first. 

I got to the clearing, and found that Isaldrí was already there, eating a deer. 

"Finish that quickly. I have your new saddle."

"OK, OK" 

She finally finished, and tossed the bones into the forest. I had already unloaded her new saddle, and started to tack her up. It was so much easier now. I mounted, and slipped my legs through the straps. We flew a while over the forest, and then started practicing tricks. I could totally sense the difference. This saddle was a million times more comfortable for both of us. We landed and I said goodbye, anticipating tomorrow, when my friends would fly for the first time.

(Time skip)

Raven's POV:

I am so excited. Valerie texted us last night, saying that she had received the new saddle. We could go fly today! I was kind of jealous of her, in the good way. I mean, who wouldn't be if their best friend had a dragon, and it was one of your favorite animals? Anyway, I was so glad that she was being so nice, and sharing Isaldrí with us. Even if Valerie and Anne were nothing like Gaby and Cole, I was still a little bit weary of telling them everything. 

We arrived to the clearing, and Valerie tacked up Isaldrí. 

"Who wants to go first?" she asks.

Obviously I want to, but I wasn't sure if Anne does too. I asked her, but she said:

"Go first Raven. I know that you're hyped for this."

"Thanks Anne."

Valerie showed me how to climb up the dragoness' leg to get to the saddle, and how to adjust the leg straps. She climbed on after me and adjusted her own straps. I assume she gave the signal to Isaldrí after that.

"Hold on tight."

I did, and two seconds later, the dragoness jumped, and we were air bound. She amended rapidly. Looking around, I marveled at the landscape. You can see everything from here. 

"This is amazing!"

"Yeah, I know. I never get tired of it."

She was quiet for a while, and we kept on flying over the forest. All of a sudden, Isaldrí pulled into a steep dive. I screamed. It wasn't out of fear, but more like how you scream in a rollercoaster. We were going to hit the ground soon, but Isaldrí showed no intention of stopping. Just as quickly as she had gone into the dive, she pulled out of it at the last moment. I was feeling a little dizzy, but Valerie looked like she did this every day. Then again, she probably did.

"Don't worry. She pulled this one on me the first time I flew too."


"Yes. I didn't exactly feel good either. I guess I'm used to it now."

We descended, and it was Anne's turn. I unbuckled my legs, and dismounted.

Anne's POV:

Valerie and Raven got off. I was a little bit nervous because I'd seen Isaldrí go into a steep dive all of a sudden. Valerie explained the same things she had to Raven, and got on. Isaldrí took off, and I admired the landscape. I think I could even see part of the Cross Country course I used when I trained. Eventing was a thrill, but this...

We circled over the forest a few times, and by then I didn't think that Isaldrí would pull that trick again. Of course, she did the opposite. The second I thought that, she went into the dive, leveling out again when we were close to the ground. 

"Never assume you are safe." Valerie told me. "You aren't exactly trained to know when somebody is in your mind, so didn't notice that Isaldrí was. She can have a weird sense of humor sometimes, so when she heard you think that, she thought it would be fun to prove you wrong. Then again, she just had to be right."

"Hey!"  She protested.

"It's true! Dragons always think that they have to be right." 

"It's not!" 

"It is!" 

They kept on fighting like that, until I told them to stop. They could argue later. We landed because it was already getting late, so we had to go back. On the ride, we talked about how the experience was for each of us, and what we would do if we had out own dragon. I realized that we were really lucky to be able to do this.

Hey guys, I'm really sorry for the short filler chapter, but the next one is going to be exciting. Also, I have seventeen more chapters planned with the main ideas, so they won't take so long to write. However, I'm going back into school tomorrow, so I won't have that much time. Into the Books has been put on hold, because I really want to focus more on this one. That does not mean that I will stop writing it, just that chapters will take a lot longer to be written, since I have to make sure that everything coincides with the order of events in the real books. Thank you for understanding,

- Valerie.

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