Australia and Trixie

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Jin POV: Today we were leaving to Australia

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Jin POV:
Today we were leaving to Australia. I had been woken up by Elizabeth, who told me to wake up Eric. Apparently, he wouldn't get as mad at me for waking him up, as he would if it were anybody else. I walked up to where he was sleeping under Gopurk, greeting the dragon, and ducking under his wing to wake up Eric. 

I crouched next to him, and shook his shoulder.

"Eric, you need to wake up." As expected, he kept on sleeping.

Shaking him harder, and raising my voice I said "Eric, please. You need to wake up."

"Oh, ok. But only because I know that you'll throw water on me if I don't." He mumbled, not fully awake.

"Good. Now get ready."

When were all ready, we mounted our dragons and took off, angling south, towards Australia. I talked mostly with Eric, sharing different opinions about sports. We both wanted to make it to the Olympics, and I really had a lot of fun talking about past years in different sports.

I was super excited for Tokyo 2020, because I had the opportunity to  go, since last year I had been elected to be on the national team. I only hoped that the Dragon Riders wouldn't interfere with it. Both were extremely important to me, and I didn't want to loose one opportunity because of the other. Eric was also old enough to compete, and I would really enjoy if both of us could go together. I think that Valerie or Raven had once mentioned that their friend, Anne, also wanted to compete in Equestrian Eventing. She was still too young, but was aiming for the 2024 Olympics, hopefully after doing well in the World Equestrian Games. It really would be nice to know more people other than my teammates.

I was also curious about how the newest Rider would be. So far, the Riders had had a variety of likes, including many different sports like judo, horseback riding, track, ice skating and archery. There were also many different hobbies like reading, designing buildings, drawing, and geochaching. Would they practice a sport? What would they do in their free time?

Valerie and Raven came over, along with Elizabeth.

"So Eric, what other things do you enjoy, other than being Oliver Wood level obsessive about track?" Elizabeth asked.

"I like listening to music. I don't play any instrument, but I kind of wish I could. I tried once, and completely failed. I'd rather stick to sports."

"Interesting. What are your favorite songs?"

Watching the exchange between them, I realized that Eric really liked Elizabeth. His eyes shone when she talked to him.

"Avicci is one of my favorite artists, but Coldplay and Imagine Dragons are also cool."

"I also like Coldplay, my favorite song is Viva la Vida."

"No kidding, I also love it!" Valerie interjected.

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