Home by _lataavia
Homeby _lataavia
Raquel Ziya Wright and her best friend Jasiyah Brewster had grown up in two different worlds and still found their way to each other. Now all grown up and having more re...
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More Than Friends (Alexia & Lucas) - COMPLETED ✔ by CelesteABrook
More Than Friends (Alexia & Lucas)...by Celeste A. Brook
Do you believe in soul mates? Like there is someone out there who is perfect for you? Well, I used to. But then my ex-boyfriend Greg broke my heart to pieces, along with...
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[ Match ] ☆Kylian Mbappé  by _Rama__
[ Match ] ☆Kylian Mbappé by _Rama__
[1ère publication : 16 septembre 2018 Dernière publication : ] Une relation peut partir d'un simple match, d'un simple regard, de...
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Quick Transmigrations: Destroy Harems System! by Crystall1z3d
Quick Transmigrations: Destroy Har...by Crystall1z3d
Ko-fi : Qiu_Yue Patreon: Qiu_Yue This reverse harem novel, Qiu Yue didn't like at all. She wondered how she'd ended up with such a system, did her hate for harem reach...
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Manan - Punar Vivah by Janvi99
Manan - Punar Vivahby Janvi
'Punar vivah' means 'Second Marriage'. What happens when you are married with a wrong person, and that wrong person leave you and your 4 months old baby? What happen wh...
  • romance
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My Hero Is A Gangleader by Luvmercy81
My Hero Is A Gangleaderby luvmercy
A 17 years old girl named Ashley Thomas who is always being abused by her drunken and abusive uncle. She has no idea where her parents are. But has faith that they are...
  • abusive
  • 2018
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The Other Doh | colby brock by PointlessGames
The Other Doh | colby brockby -_-
And then Aaron Doh's little sister, Paisley Doh, comes to live with him and his friends.
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Kayla by flwrossa_
Kaylaby ainae
k a y l a : cerita rekaan semata-mata. tiada kaitan dengan yang hidup mahupun yang sudah meninggal dunia. sebarang persamaan hanyalah kebetulan. W A R N I N G !!! ceri...
  • mature
  • 2018
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Falling Beginning by NNed94
Falling Beginningby NNed
"Don't expect love from me." Adam said to Nea on their first day of being husband and wife. Nea turn around to face Adam who has just become her husband, her f...
  • husband
  • 2018
  • youngadult
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bts reactions/preferences ♛ by trytobeatme
bts reactions/preferences ♛by m
The GIF's and pictures obviously do not belong to me. Enjoy <3
  • suga
  • 2018
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Pregnant by ski (ski mask the slump god) by shilohsmoon
Pregnant by ski (ski mask the slum...by u💞
Venus is not your regular girl. She is a sad girl trying to find her way in this world. Could her world go for better or worse when she gets pregnant by ski mask the slu...
  • stokeleygoulbourne
  • ybnnhamir
  • 2018
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I WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU ❧ ( gwilym lee. ) by bohemianrhapsody-
I WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU ❧ ( gwilym...by ˗ ˏˋ lia ˎˊ ˗
❝ i was born to take care of you, every single day of my life. ❞ ❛ i hope you're doing alright. remember that you can always writ...
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[Forgotten] Daoming Si by godessofeverything
[Forgotten] Daoming Siby DEYM👅💦
"-Promise?" Daoming Si cried, sticking out his chubby pinky finger to the girl that sat next to him. She wiped his cheeks with her small hands, the bracelet ha...
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Dolan Twins | Imagines ♥ by sosweetethan
Dolan Twins | Imagines ♥by sosweetethan
This is where I'll write all the scenarios I play in my head throughout the day, to share with you guys! I hope you enjoy and remember that I do take requests! ♥ -Renee...
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Forgotten-Ace family  by -members0nly-
Forgotten-Ace family by y0urs trul3y, h03
Alyssa Ray is a normal 14 year girl. Not really shes apart of a YouTube channel called the Ace family! Well sorta. She doesn't like being on camera because they always f...
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        WE ARE BROKEN ²  by -kline
We Are Broken | ❝clipped wings I was a broken thing.❞ ▶ LILY STARK never would have expected her life to get flipped so quickly, the past years tragedy still repeating b...
  • highschool
  • peterparker
  • steverogeres
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Rain | Harry Styles by littlewhjtelies
Rain | Harry Stylesby S
"Love, like rain, can nourish from above, drenching couples with a soaking joy. But sometimes under the angry heat of life, love dries on the surface and must nouri...
  • liam
  • teenfiction
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Cover Shop (TEMP CLOSED) by peachspit
Cover Shop (TEMP CLOSED)by so sick!
Welcome to my cover shop where I try to make decent "aesthetic" covers/graphics for your books. Details inside! 2017-
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IT imagines / preferences  by emotiionall
IT imagines / preferences by trashmouth ;
requests closed highest rank - #1 in cast
  • 2017
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my boy - imallexx x willne by Livewithregrets
my boy - imallexx x willneby i ship it
"will, why have you set everything on fire," "do what i want." * a willne x imallexx fanfiction started 9th december lowercase intended smut warning ...
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