Brazil and Natalia

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Eric's POV:

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Eric's POV:

We woke up early next morning and broke camp. In reality there wasn't much we needed to do since our partners' wings acted as tents for us.

"So...Where are we going next?"

"We're going south. Maybe to the US, or all the way down to Latin America." Valerie replied.

I'd noticed that Raven really didn't talk much. I wondered why. We'd spent a couple of weeks planning everything, but I still hadn't learned much about her. We finished packing everything, and mounted our dragons. They took off with ease, and turned south, heading towards The States. We crossed the border in no time at all, and soon, were flying over Yellowstone. I looked down, a smile on my face. This place was so special to me now. It was where I'd found Gopurk's egg, and where this amazing journey had started.

"Is this where you found Gopurk's egg?" Valerie asked. "I remembered you saying something about Yellowstone."

"Yes it is. Seeing it again brings back so many memories."

"Yes. I understand the feeling." Raven agreed, with a weird tone that I couldn't place.

I was surprised, but I guess that Amethyst must have been even more special to her, though I couldn't think why.

We landed close to the Mexican border for lunch and unpacked some sanwiches. It felt extremely good to stretch my  legs, since my bottom felt like an aspirin. That was something my mom always said. I streched, as if I were doing so after practice. We decided to rest a while, as none of us were used to long hours of flying on our dragons. We talked about ourselves a while, and Valerie and Raven proposed a Q&A game, that they had played with one of their friends before.

"After all this, How am I going to keep on training track?"I needed to know, and I chided myself for not asking sooner.

"Our school has a track team, but you will have to wait until we get back."

"All right." I said, disappointed. I was going to lose so much time. At this rate, I'd take forever to get to the Olympics.

We mounted a few minutes later, and kept on heading south. We passed over Mexico, and the rest of Central America, but we showed no sign of stopping.

" how do you know if there isn't a Rider all the countries we've passed?" I wondered aloud.

"Our dragons would have been able to sense their  aura, and would have told us."

"Oh, I didn't know that."

"That is how Isaldrí and Amethyst found Gopurk in the first place." Raven remarked. "We only found you after Gopurk told them to tell us where to find you."

We flew for a few more hours. When we passed the border between Columbia and Brazil, Gopurk spoke.

" I sense something. Brazil is a big country, so it'll take some time to look."

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