Europe, Elizabeth and Hans

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Natalia's POV:

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Natalia's POV:

I woke up early the next morning, and for a second I wondered where I was. Then I remembered. I was leaving with my fellow Riders today. Valerie and Raven were already up, but Eric was still sleeping.

"Tudo bem?" I asked them.

I had been teaching them the basics of Portuguese, and they had been learning quite fast.

"Tudo bem." They both answered.

They were already preparing breakfast, and I decided to wake him up. I was debating whether to throw some water on him, or actually be nice and  wake him up the normal way. In the end, I decided on the normal way.

"Eric, wake up. We have to go." I said, shaking him.

He just groaned and kept on sleeping.

"If you don't, I'll throw a bucket of water on you!" I threatened.

"Ok. Ok. I'll wake up." He complained.

"Good. Now hurry up. We want to leave."

Finally we were ready, and the four of us mounted our dragons. It was going to be a long day, since we would be flying over the Atlantic until we arrived in Europe, where, according to the dragons, there were a couple more Riders. We took off, and rose quickly, I wondered what would happen if we came close to an airplane, but I assumed they already had something worked out. We were in the clouds, and I could feel the wind whipping at my face, but my eyes didn't sting, and for some reason, I really didn't feel much cold. Flying over the ocean with Silvia, I felt free, like nothing could stop me.

Speaking of the ocean, I admired it as it sparkled beneath us. The light reflected off the waves, it was a beautiful sight, one of my favorites. I'd always loved the ocean, and on weekends I sometimes went to the beach and I enjoyed swimming, even if I couldn't go out very far. The ocean's ecosystem was amazing, and I wish I could study it up close one day. I talked with Silva a while, and we decided to play a game where one of us had to think of an animal, and the other had to ask questions with a yes/no answer to try to guess it. The funny thing was that I always thought about the most complicated animals to guess, and Silva always chose either mythical creatures, or one that was similar to a dragon. Typical for us. We flew in silence for a while, but the trip was long, and we were only halfway through. In an airplane, the flight took approximately eleven hours and a half. However, the dragon's magic allowed it to be faster, even if there were younger dragons on the trip, like Silva and Gopurk.

I took the time to ask more about the Riders. I was interested in their history, and how their order worked. One of my questions was why I had a glowing green mark, in the shape of a sun on my palm. I had gotten it when I bonded with Silva, but I didn't understand why we all had different ones. Valerie had a moon, Raven a star, and Eric had a lightning bolt. Raven said that she didn't know, but I got the feeling that she was hiding something. For some weird reason, these gut instincts of mine were always right.

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