New Faces.

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I saluted the judges, and the bell rang

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I saluted the judges, and the bell rang.

"Ready girl? Remember, fast and clean. We can do this"

The first jump was coming up fast.

"Three, two, one, up!"

Flicka soared through the air, and landed cleanly at the other side. The feeling couldn't be compared to flying on a dragon, but it was still pretty cool. We turned for the next jump. It was a green and pink oxer, and it was one of the tallest jumps in the course. The limit was 80cm, and this particular obstacle was pretty close. Flicka jumped it, and we kept going. The course flew by.

When I finished, I looked at my time, that they were showing on one of those luminous score boards, and I couldn't believe what I saw. It was the fastest one yet, but there were still a few riders left.

I decided not to stick around, because I was so nervous. A few minutes later, they said that they would be giving the results for the competition.

"In eventing, first place goes to: Anne Farley."

I clapped and cheered for my friend. I knew she was going to make it!

"And now, in show jumping, first place goes to... Valerie Jackson."

I stood there, stunned. Anne pushed me forward. I went up to receive my award. They pinned the blue rosette in Flicka's bridle, and they gave me a medal and an envelope. I still couldn't believe that I had won, but I was super happy.

I went to meet my parents, and they congratulated me. However, my sister's reaction was totally different. She did say congratulations, but it had such a cold tone, that I figured that she'd only said it because otherwise our parents would get mad at her.

I couldn't understand why she was acting that way. Sure, we were very competitive between us, but other than that I failed at seeing the reason for it. Maybe she was mad because she thought that Firefly would guarantee her a win, but that only showed that hard work was better than having a push-button horse. Oh well. I had to stop fretting about it.

(Time skip to school after the competition)

The day after the competition I had school. I got ready and took my bike out. I was so happy because of my win at the competition, and the fact that I'd beaten my sister and Firefly, showing her that hard work and dedication we're better than a push button horse. Even if I had the advantage of the mind communication.

I parked my bike, and headed to my locker before class. I had science first, one of my favorite classes. Just as the teacher was about to start explaining what we were going to study today, she was interrupted by a knock on the door. When she opened it, it was the headmistress.

"May I please talk to Miss Jackson?"

"Yes, of course."

I stood up from my seat, and looked at Anne with a questioning look. She shrugged in response. I exited the classroom, and asked:

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