Canada and Eric

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Raven's POV:

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Raven's POV:

After searching the state from the top to the bottom, which had taken a few days, we arrived at a small city, near the US border. This was the last that we were missing to check, so it meant that the Rider had to be here. We landed a little ways from it, so our partners wouldn't be seen.

"Go see if you can find the dragon. It might help us find their Rider faster." I told Amethyst and Isaldrí.

They took off, and left us there alone. We walked the short distance to the main road, and took a bus into the city. We walked around the downtown for a while. None of us sensed anything from the spell, so we kept going.

"This is going to lead us nowhere" I complained. I loved traveling, but I wanted to go to new places, not stay in boring Alberta forever.
"Wait. I have an idea. There must be a coincidence that our ages coincided. If that is true, then we will probably find the Rider, whoever it is, at school." Valerie pointed out.
"You know, that makes total sense." I agreed, seeing her logic. "Let's go."
"Ever the impatient one." Valerie teased.
"Stop bothering me!"
"That's what friends are for."
"Quit complaining and lets go!" She chided.
I relented. I knew that this playful banter could last forever. "All right."

As it turned out, we were not that far from a school, so we decided to check it first. We would probably have to wait until the students came out, if we felt a change in the spell.

"Valerie, Raven!" Isaldrí shouted through the mental link. "Me and Amethyst found the dragon. His name is Gopurk. We asked him about his Rider, and he said he was at school. You can probably catch him at his track practice. You would need an excuse to get into the school though, and eventually for him to leave his home to go train."

"You're right. We can brainstorm until normal school hours are finished." 

"All right then, I'll leave you to it. We want to get to know Gopurk more, since we've never really spoken with a male dragon before."

With that, the mental conversation ended, and me and Valerie walked up to the school. As expected, the spell warned us that there was a Rider near. We sat down on a bench and started brainstorming ideas to get into the school and get whatever his name was to be able to leave his home to train with us.

Several hours passed, and finally the school bell rang. We had our backpacks, where we had a few things of importance, so we strode up to the entrance to speak with the guard. We had asked our dragons to ask Gopurk what was the name of his Rider's teacher, so that we could pretend to go want to meet him, that way gaining access to the school, and the Rider's confidence, as it would be weird if total strangers just started talking to him out of nowhere.

The guard let us pass, and gave us directions to the track field. I was kind of nervous, because of my history, but Valerie's and Anne's reassurances helped me gather the courage to try to socialize with more people again.

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