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A day before
Jeongguk's birthday



Shallow breaths.

Faint sound of cars.

Taehyung slowly cracks his eyes open, seeing bright lights coming through the hospital curtains. He groans and moves his body only to feel that he has something on attached to his hand.

He wants to lift his hand but he doesn't have a strength to, therefore he tries another way to see what was this thing attached to him.

He lifts his head, his upper body shifting, as soon as it does a stinging pain shot through him causing for him to fall back on his bed with a groan.


His mother's voice came from the other side of his bed.


She wails, holding her son's hand, Taehyung looks at her as she started weeping.

"Mama, I'm okay"

His voice rough, it almost hurts his throat to speak but he needs to make his mother stop crying because the sight hurts more than his physical pain. Taehyung grips his mother's hand in his, reassuring her the best he could.

She nods, her lips still quivering as tears never stopped pouring from the eyes that mirrored Taehyung's.

"W-Who did this to you?"

Taehyung just stopped and stared. His Father. He sighs and refused to look into his mother's eyes as he lied.

"I don't know"

Her mother nods in disappointment. Taehyung's mother was cooking dinner for his son before he comes, but the only thing that came to her home last night was a phone call saying that her son has been stabbed and was admitted to the hospital.

It nearly made her faint to see her precious son lying on a stretcher, bleeding so much, it almost seemed like her son was dead.

"Darling, I'm just glad you're okay"

His mother cooes, caressing his hand with her soft comforting fingers. Just then a knock sounded off from the door.

Taehyung's mother wipes her tears and fixes her hair before opening the door for the visitor.

Jeon Jeongguk and Jeon Chan Hae

The Jeon men stood at their door as his mother greets Chan Hae, they were like family friends ever since Taehyung was a kid.

But Taehyung's fiery eyes were only fixated on the older Jeon sauntering into his room shamelessly as if he wasn't the reason why the prosecutor was lying on a hospital bed, immobilized

"Taehyung-ah, I'm pleased to see that you're awake"

Jeon Chan Hae weakly smiles at him as his nephew bowed to show his respect and greeting towards the older prosecutor.

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