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"We need to move him there. It's been months and his mental state has still yet to improve"

"I agree, he needs special care. But what about his relatives?"

"We waited for months for any of his relatives but none came forth, sir. They are either deceased or cannot be contacted"

They didn't know that Little Ggukie could hear them. They think he's crazy but he is not. Ggukie knows that as well as his roommate Jiminie.


When Ggukie woke up after the crash when he heard voices as well as the door slamming, he realized that he was in a hospital bed with strings connected to his body and something was covering his mouth. He immediately thought about his mommy and daddy.

When he turns his head, he saw the boy that ran up to him earlier at his car window. He was sleeping and he has strings attached to himself just like him.


Ggukie calls at the kid who slowly opened his eyes and turned his head towards the doe eyed kid.

"Hey, have you seen my eomma?"

The kid shakes his head "no" before groaning and sitting up. He removes his mask and strings to himself much to Ggukie's surprise.

"You're not supposed to remove those, the nurse will get mad at you"

"Don't worry, she won't. Hi, I'm Jimin"

The kid smiles at him as he climbs down his bed and slips on his shoes.

Suddenly, a nurse came in with a wheelchair. She smiles at Ggukie and greets him.

"How are you, Jeongguk? Feeling better?"


"Come with me, we'll go check if you really are okay now, yeah?"

The nurse coaxes the child and Ggukie obediently followed the nurse and sat on the wheelchair, before he left the room he didn't forget to say goodbye to his new friend

"See you later, Jimin!"

When he got wheeled away, he saw people in white clothes with face masks, running into his and Jimin's room right before they rode the elevator.


"Who is this Jimin? Is he your friend?"

Dr. Kim asks Ggukie who was sitting across the table, playing with an action figure.

"Yes, he is very nice. I've told you about him before"

"Oh, I have a bad memory, can you tell me again what he looks like?"

"Small. Chubby. umm...and small"

Jeongguk giggles as he could not think of another way to describe his friend.

"Where does he live?"

"In my room, he stays in my room. And we always play together"

"Oh, I see.."

Dr. Kim writes something in his clipboard- he sighs.

"Alright, it's time to go, Ggukie. Let's go to your room so you can play with Jimin"

Dr. Kim smiles at the kid that he has been observing for months.


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