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Car beeping. 

Whistling surrounded the small space.

Feminine voices chattered on the line.

Squeaking arms of an action figure.

A little boy with the deep shaded set of doe eyes and rosy cheeks was playing with his Iron Man action figure as the cold weather on the other side of his car window chilled him, but he was thankful that his mommy wrapped him in his favourite thick wool coat and gave him the scarf that she weaved just for him. 

"Ggukie, wear your seatbelt"

His mother chimes as she removes the phone off her ear and looks at the rearview mirror to see if her son obeyed her, she smiles as she saw her son did what he was told.

"Are we there yet, Appa?"

Ggukie asks his father as he made swooshing noises while he swung his Iron Man like it was flying. His father looks at the rearview as well, totally smitten with his adorable son's face.

"Not yet, Ggukie. But we're almost there– Damn it, traffic!"

"Hae Jin-ah, your language"

Their car stopped at a red light as the other side of the intersection drove across each other. Ggukie continued to play with his toy as his parents discuss something about them being late for the succession ceremony, completely preoccupied with their conversation.

Ggukie looks out his window to see two little boys in their wool coats playing in the snow, throwing snowballs at each other. He was envious of them, he wanted to throw snowballs too. 

The boy who was shorter than the other one falls face flat on the snowy sidewalk, Ggukie laughed to himself at the silly sight.

As the fallen boy got up, his eyes widen in a certain direction, the fallen boy ran up to Ggukie's car window and flailed his arms with such terror in his eyes, like he was warning him.

Ggukie was confused!

Suddenly, he heard his mommy let out an ear-piercing scream....

No more cars beeping.

The car void of the whistling.

Feminine screams came from the other side of the line.

His Iron Man broken in half, it's legs dismantled.

Little Ggukie tries to move but all he could do was peer out his window, he saw the little boy who ran up to him, now on the snowy ground with red water around him too while his friend, the other boy was crying, nudging his friend who was unmoving on the ground.

 Ggukie cries, wails even, he doesn't know if it's because everything hurts or is it because he saw his mommy and daddy slouched with red water dripping down their bodies just like the little boy outside.

It's blood, right? Mommy said when blood comes out means something hurts.

He tries to speak but pain and light-headedness consumed Ggukie, before he fell unconcious he heard sirens everywhere...

"Help my eomma— a-appa.."


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“a little boy's plea” —잔장국

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