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"Jeongguk, your birthday is in a week. You'll be turning 22. What do you want to do?"

His uncle asks him as he sat in his uncle's office, reading some magazines. He peels his attention away from the material, as he thought to himself.

It is his birthday in 7 days, how do people usually celebrate their birthdays?

He only celebrated his birthday in their room when they were in the institute, Jimin just sang him birthday songs and would walk around the vicinity for some fresh air.

"What do you usually do on birthdays, uncle?"

"Well, we could get you a cake and some balloons and of course, presents!"

His uncle claps, while walking around the office tidying his things as he got ready to leave and call it a day.

"A cake? Those big ones that I see in TV?"

Jeongguk's eyes twinkled in excitement. He never lived like a normal boy, he stopped experiencing fun birthdays when he was 7. He stopped living as a normal boy at that age.

"Oh, you want a big cake? You like Iron Man, right? You always used to bring your Iron Man toy when you and your parents came over here at my house"

His uncle sighs, as they both went down memory lane.

"Do you remember?"

Jeongguk looks at his uncle and thinks hard but memories barely made it into his mind as he could only remember fragments of his childhood.

"No, not really"

"Well, tell you what, why don't we order an Iron Man cake for your birthday?"

"Wouldn't I look ridiculous?"

"Nonsense, who cares? We're going to celebrate your birthday in our house, anyway"

Jeongguk grins, the kid trapped inside him for years finally poking his head out.

"Now, why don't we get something to eat"

He nods and follows his uncle. He looks down at his paper airplane necklace, playing it with his fingers. He was thankful to have such a good uncle, he thought he was alone but now its' not too bad.


"This is so good, uncle!"

Jeongguk murmurs as food filled his mouth, delicious food filled his mouth. His uncle chuckles in response, waving to the server for more servings.

"Slow down, boy. Is it really that good?"

He nods in delight. The place was filled with people, families, colleagues and couples were eating their dinner having a good time while they ate the food heartily.

Jeongguk never thought that he would actually experience something like this again, he lost hope when the years of his admission in the institute extended.

"Uncle, why did you suddenly come and got me out of the institute? -I mean, why now? why not before?"

His uncle halts the spoon he was about to put in his mouth, as he brought it back down to his plate.

"Well, I realized that-"

"Mr. Jeon?"

A voice calls from behind Jeongguk, the Jeons look at the person.

"Oh! Please just Abeonim. Come sit here"

"Oh no, I don't want to dis-"

"Oh, shush. I insist"

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