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this is very much connected to Chapter 9 so I suggest you re-read that if you want the full experience and this also connects the dots for all the flashbacks of someone getting stabbed.

But you're free to proceed reading if you don't want to re-read haha


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Jeongguk's birthday


He subconsciously turned in his sleep to scoop in his lover and make him his teddy bear but to his dismay Jimin wasn't there in the bed.

Jeongguk raises his head a bit to find that the space next to him was empty, he looked outside and saw that it was still the first phase of twilight.

Nude and happy fatigue thrumming in his muscles as he picked up his boxers and slipped it on as well as his robe and he saw that Jimin's clothes were nowhere in the room. He walked the hallways of their house in a hunt for his lover, along the way he passed the kitchen, he felt parched.

He padded across the kitchen floor and towards the fridge, he stubs his toes against a chair's leg he hissed in pain quietly not wanting to wake up anyone.

He grabs a bottled water from the fridge but as he was about to twist the cap, he suddenly stopped his movements as he felt.. watched.


Jeongguk turns around only to be met by darkness, silence and his reflection on the mirror at the end of the hallway staring back at him. Shivers ran down his spine, as he turned back round and opened the cap of his bottle.


He put his back against the fridge. Someone's in here. He shivered in sheer terror, who could possibly be wandering around in the middle of the night? His heart drummed against his chest, as he held his breath. 

The shadows hid something that he could not decipher.

The darkness that you see whenever you wake up in the dead of the night could have something lurking in there, staring at you yet you could not stare back at them for they are invisible to the naked eye but you know it's there.

That's exactly how Jeongguk feels at the moment, he could not move from his spot as he waited for any thing, any figure to emerge from the dark. He knows someone was in the kitchen with him, he feels it. He is not crazy.


A clink echoed in the quiet kitchen. Jeongguk felt a shiver run down his spine, a figure slowly formed in the dark hallway of the kitchen door. A figure stood there across from him, a few feet away from him, watching him..

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