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"So you just mix in all of these?"

"Yes, Jeongguk. Just do it"

Jimin laughs as him and Jeongguk were left in the Jeon kitchen household to make breakfast for themselves, pancakes.

Jeongguk told the maids that he could manage himself and to leave him undisturbed unless it was something very important.

He stirred the mix and poured some onto the pan.

"Now flip it"

He follows Jimin's order but ended up with a ruined pancake.

"At least it's still edible"

Jeongguk shrugs scooping it off the pan as it was done. He pours syrup and spreads butter over it.

"Are you sure you don't want some?"

"Nah, I'm good. I ate before coming here"

"Suit yourself"

Jimin grinned at the sight before him, doe eyes filled with delighted as he gulped down chunks of his breakfast.

He engraved all the details of his best friend's face in his mind, the way his eyes crinkled in joy, his mole under his lip, his scar on his nose and most of all his smile.

He needed his daily dose of Jeon Jeongguk to keep going throughout the day.


"Ggukie, can I ask you something?"

Jeongguk hums as he tried to fix his tie then groans when he couldn't do it.

Jimin stands from the bed, taking Jeongguk's necktie and does it himself.

"When you met me, what did I look like?"

"What do you mean?"

Jeongguk tilts his head as peers down on Jimin's head.

"I meant, we met in the hospital, right? We were roomed together."

"I don't remember much of it but I do know that you recovered earlier than I did, haha you even yanked your oxygen tube from your nose!"


Jimin clears his throat, as he finishes his knot on Jeongguk's tie. He looked ridiculously handsome, he bites his lip suppressing his thoughts.

"There, all done"

They both look at the knot, at the same time but ended up looking into each other's eyes instead. Their faces too close, approximately an inch more before their noses could touch.

Jimin's breath hitched. His face feeling sudden warmth that came out of nowhere, his mouth agape as it trembled slightly.

This happened to them countless of times.

Accidentally, staring too long into each other's eyes but will eventually end into a fits of laughter but today seemed to be different from those times.


Neither broke the invisible rope between their eyes, which were preventing them from looking away. Neither broke into chortles.

Jeongguk leans down slowly his gaze were the first to break the rule, he stares at Jimin's luscious lips. Jimin's breath came out in short yet inaudible pants hitting Jeongguk's lips in the most inviting way.

Jimin licks his lips but suddenly coughs backing away from Jeongguk, running a hand through his locks.

"Okay, let's go! I'm sure your uncle would be delighted to see you visit him"

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