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Jungkook's 22nd birthday


one, his inaudible footsteps glided across the kitchen floor heading towards something he wanted to grasp

two, he takes a deep breath reminiscing the boy's shattered sanity as he poured out his thoughts to his heart's content. he was angered for how the precious boy has been treated and played like a puppet.

three, he dares to grab the object of his interest and proceeds to initiate his inhumane plan. for he thinks he is just protecting the one he loves. it was never him, he tells himself...

it was...


"Are you okay?"

Jimin fussed, still completely worried about the stressed doe eyed boy. As soon as he heard about the horrible hospital visit to his friend, Taehyung, Jimin never stopped his game of twenty-questions.

It was supposed to be a happy day for Jeongguk today, but then his uncle failed to make it to his birthday due to the multiple issues that the Jeon Group is facing because of Taehyung's incident and Im Hyung Sik's attempted murder of Jeongguk yesterday.

Jeongguk nods, standing up to slide off his soiled shirt as he walked towards his closet.

Jimin watched as Jeongguk's taut back muscles flexed a bit as he rummaged through the hangers. He bit his lip as he saw some faint scratch marks on the younger's back. His scratch marks.

His cheeks heated right away as he remembered their activites.

Jimin quietly lifted himself off the bed to walk over where Jeongguk was still looking for something comfortable to wear.

"It's your birthday today, Ggukie. Please don't be sad, we can still celebrate it, we can eat your Iron Man cake"

The smaller boy cooes and slides his arms around Jeongguk's torso, letting his fingers touch the younger one's firm stomach. Slyly reaching to the south and touching some of Jeongguk's happy trail, he smirked as Jeongguk let Jimin's hand wander freely all over his exposed upper half, tingles ran through his body.

"What are you doing?"

Jeongguk chuckles half-heartedly for the first time today, letting his head hang low as he felt Jimin's soft lips press against the back of his neck trailing down to the middle of his back. He tries to regulate his breathing as his heart beat started to quicken its pace from his lover's ministrations.


"Helping? How so?"

Jeongguk chuckles once again as he grabbed both of Jimin's hands turning to face the boy seducing him at the moment. He wraps his arms around Jimin's petite figure, his hands subconsciously resting on top of the smaller one's plump ass.

"Your doctor said sex is the best therapy for your stress..." Jimin trails off as he let his gaze flicker down to Jeongguk's toned chest, as he walked his fingers across his skin "And I think you're stressed right now.."

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