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3 days prior
to Jeongguk's birthday



one, he keeps his eyes shut waiting for the sharp weapon to penetrate his being but nothing came

two, he hears a choke near him

three, he opens his eyes and sees him clutching the bloodied knife.. he blinks once more, it was never him who held the knife..

it was..


A pained whimper disturbs Jimin from his slumber in Jeongguk's bed. He felt cold and void of the skin he always longs to be against.

He squints his eyes and saw that it was 3:07am on the clock, he rolls and saw that Jeongguk was turned away from him and curled in a ball, his hand unconciously reaching out for something to grab.

It pains Jimin to see him struggle so much with his nightmares, so he scoots towards Jeongguk's back and snaked his limbs across Jeongguk's curled figure which noticably released tension the moment he grab onto him.

Jeongguk sleepily turns to face him, muttering incoherent pleas as the boy snuggled close to Jimin, loving the warmth he provided.

"Hey, hey, hey, Ggukie. I'm here, shh.. it's okay.."

Jimin mumbles and kisses the top of Jeongguk's head.

"I love you, you're okay"

These words seemed to pause the younger one's fussing, he clung onto Jimin's shirt.

It was Jimin's first time telling Jeongguk that he loves him, but the other party was slowly drifting into unconsciousness and away in dreamland.

Jimin stayed awake the whole time just watching the raven haired boy sleep peacefully in his arms, caressing Jeongguk's skin ever so gently as if he was fragile.

He didn't even notice when the sun's rays started streaming through the curtains of the room.

Jeongguk then stirs awake a few moments later as the sunlight hit his lashes.

People usually look at their phones the moment their eyes prick open, but Jeongguk? No, he likes to look at something more beautiful and worth-looking at first thing in the morning.

Jimin, his Jimin.

Jimin was too distracted in running his hands along Jeongguk's arms to even notice the boy had already awaken from his slumber and staring at him like he's the most fascinating object in the room.

Jeongguk grins at the sight, Jimin lost in his thoughts will always be the most picturesque sight for Jeongguk.


Jeongguk speaks, his voice rough from his sleep. Jimin finally tears off of his trance and looks at the boy who greeted him.


"I love you too"

Jimin's heart skipped a beat for a moment, did he just

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