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Handcuffed wearing an inmate's uniform.

Dark circles under his eyes from sleepless nights.

A frown adorned his features as he was treated like vermin.

"Min Yoongi?"

His head looks up to the voice of the police officer. He glared at anyone who dared to approach him ever since he was dumped into this cell. The officer opens the cell gates and he stands from his spot walking out of the cell, following the officer down the hallway.

He was led in front of an office door and was opened for him as he was handcuffed, he went in and was met by a tall figure standing by the window, illuminating a slender silhouette.

The man then turns around as soon as the door gets shut and Min Yoongi was inside standing at the doorway.

"Oh, Mr. Min. I am Kim Seokjin and I will be your attorney for your upcoming trial. Please sit"

Yoongi's eyes lit up with hope the moment the man mentioned that he was his attorney. He sits on a couch across Attorney Kim, who was spreading papers on the table between them.

"So, how can I help you, Mr. Min?"

"Please just, Yoongi."

Attorney Kim nods, and puts on his glasses ready to listen.


His phone vibrated in his pocket as he was sitting in his father's office, arranging files for him and compiling the new reports from his employees about the possible new items to be sold in their stores, the Miniso stores in Korea.

He was currently being trained by his father, since Min Gi Hyuk is thinking about stepping down from his job for a while now. His father wanted him to take over Miniso.

He fished for his phone in his pockets, finally finding it. His father? Why would he be calling him? He just went to restroom.

"Yes, Abeoji?"

"Yoongi-ah, can you please get me a tissue roll, these goddamn cubicles don't have one. I can't stand because my shi—"

"Okay, okay, Abeoji. Hold on"

Yoongi chuckles as he let his phone, press against his ear looking for some tissue rolls in his father's office while his father talked his ear off about him paying the janitors of his company more than enough, so why the hell is there no tissue roll in his cubicle to wipe his ass with.

"Try my third drawer on the right side of my desk"

Yoongi goes around the table and slides open the said drawer and there it was, a roll of tissue.

"Got it. Where are you, Abeoji?"

"Male's restroom, same floor as my office, middle cubicle. Hurry my anus is starting to—"


Yoongi whines against his phone, whilst his father laughs before hanging up on him. Yoongi walks along the long hallway of  the building, employees greeting him as he passed by them, some even looked at him then giggled as they assumed he was going to take a dump.

Tissue roll, alcohol and soap in his hands and heading for the restroom. A starter pack for taking a dump. 

He rounds the corner and goes into the restroom.


"Oh, Yoongi-ah! Quick! It really hurts!"

Yoongi checks under the cubicles first, and he saw two pairs of shoes. One was in the next cubicle --Wow, Dr. Martens and the other pair was his father's. Yoongi slips his hands under the cubicle, where his father was in, whilst holding his breath. Damn, what did he eat? 

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