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5 days prior
to Jeongguk's Birthday


Building up a case for Min Yoongi was fairly simple since the prosecutor who will be presenting evidences of the CEO Miniso incident is one of the most vicious and trusthworthy prosecutor in Seoul.

Kim Taehyung.

He knows that Prosecutor Kim also believes that Min Yoongi is innocent.

Therefore, Attorney Kim is now seated in his office drinking his cup of coffee revising his case for the nth time, to make sure everything goes as planned for Monday's hearing.

As he savoured his brewed beverage, a knock on the door startled his peace.

"Come in"

It was his female secretary.

"Prosecutor Kim is here to see you, shall I send him in?"

Attorney Seokjin spits back his coffee into his cup at the unannounced visit of his friend.

"Oh, yes, please. Make him tea, he likes it with a little bit of milk in it"

The secretary nods and disappears from his sight. Seokjin wipes his mouth with a tissue as his prosecutor friend came through his office doors.


Seokjin stands from his seat and gave the younger official a hug.


They took a seat in one of Seokjin's couches, as his secretary brought in the tea she made for Taehyung.

"Hey, knock it off. My secretary is innocent"

Seokjin calls out Taehyung whose gaze followed the pretty female walking out of the room.

"What did I do?"

Taehyung plays innocent, his eyebrows raised as his hyung eyed him suspiciously.

"You already slept with my past secretaries and they always quit because you come here to visit me and you don't even spare them a glance... And! I'm always the one struggling to find new ones"

Taehyung pouts as he sips his tea.

"Lay off of this one, kid. She's too intelligent to lose"

Seokjin laughs as Taehyung raises his hands in defeat.

"So, what brings you here?"

"Oh, right!"

Taehyung puts down his cup and wipes his mouth.

"You're holding that case of Min Yoongi, right?"

He nods.

"Well, in Min Gi Hyuk's medical record it stated that the bruises are because he fought back to the culprit"

Seokjin takes the medical record from the prosecutor as he scrutinized every bit of information on the sheet.

"Hmm, right"

"I used to believe that as well.. 'til I found these"

Taehyung takes out a small tube of medicinal tablets. The canister had a label on it "Min Gi Hyuk - Potassium Pills". Taehyung lets the pills out of the tube and onto the table, Seokjin then picks up one.

"Potassium pills?"

"Yes, Min Gi Hyuk has always been low blood that's why he takes these regularly. The thing is.."

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