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They sat in the waiting area in the hallway of the clean and very busy hospital.

Feet covered with white shoes were pattering on the floor mixed with some casual footwear of the visitors. Jimin sat beside a troubled and sleep-deprived Jeongguk, who was currently napping with his head against the wall.

Jeongguk was scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Kim today for his regular check-up.

"Jeon Jeongguk?"

A nurse calls from the end of the hallway, coming out of Dr. Kim's room. Jimin's ears perked as he heard the name and gently nudged the boy, who had his mouth slightly agaped.

"Ggukie, you're up. Come on"

He lets his fingers thread through Jeongguk's raven hair, the boy softly groans before fluttering his lashes open. He smiles at Jimin,definitely worth-melting for.

"I'll be here"

Jimin assures Jeongguk, as he stood up to follow the nurse into Namjoon's room with one final look behind, he disappears from Jimin's vision.

Jimin sighs and deflates in his seat, worrying about Jeongguk..


"Good morning, Jeongguk"

Namjoon, his phycisian ever since he was a kid was like an older brother to him. He always made sure Jeongguk was okay and kept healthy.


He smiles as he sits on the stool, opposite to Namjoon. And the good doctor does what he usually does before asking him questions, check his vital signs.

"Your blood pressure's kind of lower than your normal, as well as your pulse, it's slower and your body temperature kind of worries me as well. What's the matter, Jeongguk?"

"I don't know, I take my usual medicine that you prescribed"

"You look exhausted as well. Have you been running low on sleep?"

Namjoon studies the boy infront of him closely, he could see how Jeongguk's shoulders were hung lower, his skin had gone paler, and the noticable dark bags under his eyes. Jeongguk thinks for a moment before finally nodding..

"You could say that. I think, I've been sleeping around 3am lately —I don't know, I just don't feel like sleeping sometimes. Jimin said I look unhea–"


"Yeah, my friend. You know him, he was my roommate ever since I was a kid, you used to always ask about him"

"Oh, that Jimin. You're still in touch with each other?"

"Yes, of course. We basically grew up together in that godforsaken institute"

Jeongguk laughs bitterly, Namjoon nods writing down notes. The doctor sighs for a second, worrying about the boy.

"Why do you think you started losing sleep?"

"Uh.. I think it started when I went to my uncle's company"

Namjoon nods urging Jeongguk to continue.

"People there called me crazy and they said that being a lunatic runs in our blood, and they said a lot more than that.."

He noticed how the boy's figure started deflating more as he repeated those hurtful words thrown at him about a week ago.

It never left his mind and his nightmares came back but they were worse, more vivid, almost like he was at the scene once again and its' duration was longer.

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