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2 days prior
to Jeongguk's Birthday


Investigation and crime-solving affairs filled Kim Taehyung, Jung Hoseok and his Attorney friend, Kim Seokjin's day.

Taehyung's thirst to solve Min Gi Hyuk's case was yet again left unquenched by the absence of his leads of the drug sabotage.

"I'm calling it a day!"

Taehyung grunts and pushes his swivel chair away from his desk, letting his temples be massaged by his fingers.

There is something missing!

There's this one thing that he needs, this one little detail that he needs to riddle these twisted cases involving the Jeon Group but the predicament is, he doesn't have a single clue about what this missing piece is.

It's like when you were a kid and you're trying to complete your first puzzle but then when you're down to the last piece, that certain last piece that will complete your work, is suddenly missing. The frustration that you feel for that is just immeasurable, because you're so close yet so far away from triumph.

That's how Taehyung feels about these cases he's handling. He knows for a fact that the Miniso, Department Store and Airline cases are definitely connected with the Jeon Group.

He just has his blind spot activated at the moment.

"Giving up already?"

Seokjin mocks but his yawn betrayed him as soon as those words left his mouth, indirectly indicating that he was as well knackered and almost giving up on these cases.

Taehyung shoots his friend an unamused smirk.

Since the two officials were working on the same case and are on the same side of justice. They thought why don't they try to work together today to try and end these case, unfortunately this missing puzzle piece decided to rain on their parade.

"Ugh, fine. Same, I'm tired"

Seokjin surrenders gathering his things and organizing the spare table he used in Taehyung's office.

"Yes, you can take your leave now, Mr. Hoseok"

Taehyung dismisses his secretary who quietly approached him while he had his eyes closed, Hoseok was flustered.

How did this motherfucker even know that I was going to ask him?

Hoseok thought as he put on his judging face before turning towards the door.

"Oh, okay. Get home safe, Prosecutor Kim and Attorney Kim"

The nosy secretary bids before all too excitedly running out of the office, his shoes clicking boisterously in the quiet dimly lit halls of the building.

Taehyung lifts his head and looks at the wall clock, it is only 7pm. He pursed his lips into a thin line, then his eyes widened as realization suddenly slapped him awake to grab his opportunity.

"I'm going to interview Jeon Chan Hae now. Please turn off the electricity for me, hyung!"

He declares, leaving a startled Seokjin standing, unable to process what just happened.

Taehyung hurriedly ran out and started his car as soon as he hopped in, hoping that Jeon Chan Hae was still in his office at this hour.


After 15 minutes of driving he finally reached the Jeon Insurance building erected on one of the busiest streets in Seoul, where Jeon Chan Hae always stays.

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