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one, Jimin looks at him with such anger in his eyes as he blocked Jimin's path.

two, he grabs the knife and keeps it away from the both of them.

three, blood trickled down the floor and onto Jeongguk's bare feet, but whose blood is it?


His eyes busts open in the middle of the night, he sits up immediately taking in his surroundings, he was still in his bedroom. He let his head fall into his hands as he panted. Cold sweat trickling down his neck and his nerves still hyperventilating.

He looks at the clock hanging on the corner of his room, 3:07am.

A week and 2 days, he has been waking up at 3:07am always on the dot for the past week. The same dream, same scene and same faces yet he still doesn't recognize the fourth person. He gulps and runs his fingers through his messy locks before getting out of bed to get some water.

Silence, eerie silence enveloped his ears as he stepped out into the hallways of the house. Only the old clock's ticking resonated in the great living room. His bare feet padded onto the carpeted floor as he made his way to the kitchen.

He stubbed his toe against the chair and he hissed in pain but hushed himself, not wanting to wake up anyone. He opens the fridge and got out a bottle of water before he could twist it's cap-


Jeongguk turns around only to be met by darkness, silence and his reflection on the mirror at the end of the hallway staring back at him. Shivers ran down his spine, as he turned back round and opened the cap of his bottle.


He put his back against the fridge. Someone's in here. He shivered in sheer terror, who could possibly be wandering around in the middle of the night? His heart drummed against his chest, as he held his breath. 

The shadows hid something that he could not decipher

The darkness that you see whenever you wake up in the dead of the night could have something lurking in there, staring at you yet you could not stare back at them for they are invisible to the naked eye but you know it's there.

In your room, someone could be standing at the foot of your bed or crawling from under your bed, waiting to touch you with its' fingers.

Watching you sleep..

Watching you look past them with fear written all over your face..

Watching you shut your eyes in fear of actually seeing something in the dark..

That's exactly how Jeongguk feels at the moment, he could not move from his spot as he waited for any thing, any figure to emerge from the dark. He knows someone was in the kitchen with him, he feels it. He is not crazy.


A clink echoed in the quiet kitchen. Jeongguk felt a shiver run down his spine, a figure slowly formed in the dark hallway of the kitchen door. A figure stood there across from him, a few feet away from him, watching him..

 A figure stood there across from him, a few feet away from him, watching him

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"W-Who are you?"

The shadow emerges from its' hide, he sees Jimin? Holding a knife in his left hand. Jimin approaches him slowly, a sinister smile on his face. He stood in front of Jeongguk, he hovers the knife above them both.

Jimin swings the knife down, all Jeongguk could do was shout and wait for the stab. He peels his eye open and looks at Jimin once again their faces inches apart, only that Jimin's face returned back to normal..

No more sinister smile..

Knife nowhere in Jimin's hands..

And then there was that unidentified man again, behind Jimin. Jeongguk suddenly hears a choke come from somewhere near him, followed by a cough, and the clink of the knife hitting the kitchen floor...



Jeongguk shouts as he shoots up from his wake, sheet of sweat covered his being. He sobs into his hands as he kicked off the covers from his body, feeling too warm. 

Why is his dream like that?

He gathered up some strength and pushed himself off the bed and reached to open his drawer, he took out his phone and typed down all the details from his night terror. He looks at the clock it was 3:07am, he records it in his memo.

It was the same dream, except it was more terrifying. Jeongguk noticed that every time he dreams about this it only becomes more terrying than the previous nightmare. It becomes worse.

He still could not name the unidentified man in his nightmare and he still doesn't know who got stabbed. 

He scrunches up his face as wiped himself with the towel lying on his bedside vanity. He was drenched in sweat, he takes off his shirt and flings it across the room before plopping back down on his bed.

He closes his eyes in hopes of getting some sleep once again.


Jimin threads his finger through Jeongguk's soft raven hair, letting the boy sleep on his lap. Jeongguk told Jimin about his dream. He said that Jimin was the one always holding the knife in his nightmares.

Jimin felt sorry for the boy. And now as he looks down at Jeongguk he did look exhausted, his complexion not showing that gorgeous healthy one that he used to have.

They were on Jeongguk's bed. He sang him to sleep.

Jimin's heart ached for him, it pains him to see Jeongguk struggle and he cannot do anything to help him as they do not live together anymore.

He peers down at the boy snoring away on his lap. Gorgeous lips hung open, thick lashes resting on top of his cheeks and his ever so perfect nose let out gentle huffs. He doesn't know when he started leaning down but all he knew is that Jeongguk's lips were definitely calling him to be kissed..

He only realized that their lips were interlocked when Jeongguk's soft ones started moving against his, capturing his bottom lip between his teeth, gently tugging.

Next thing he knew is that his hands were holding Jeongguk's cheeks to devour his lips in a delicious searing kiss, they both desired from each other...

Only, the boy on his lap always wanted this while the boy leaning down never knew he wanted this just until recently...


"look at me, who do you see?" —박지민

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"look at me, who do you see?" —박지민

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