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Born with a father not wanting him, grew up without the knowledge of having brothers. Only his mother can he be with, living in the shadows like a pair of nobodies.

Inferior, weak and fearful. He was all the negative that anyone could describe as the most useless person around.

But his anger and vengeance to get back at them was what drove him to do what he had done and to be where he is today.


(ch. 1)

He was alive.

He balls up his fist in his coat pockets, as he clutched a pen in his other hand, a grasp that can possibly snap the ballpen in half.

He asks the injured little boy some questions, who was sitting across the table, playing with an action figure.

The little Jeon giggles as he only observed, the child in front of him and tried to process his answers.

He writes something in his clipboard- he sighs, both in dismay and frustration.

He ends the interview and smiles at the kid that he has been observing for months. The child obviously has a loose screw, it just wasn't possible, there's no logical explanation that he can come up with to prove that little boy's sanity is just fine, so that he can stay in his care.

He doesn't want the boy to be transfered into an institute far away from him, the little boy was a product of his sloppy actions, he wanted the little boy gone but he won't be able to do that when the little boy is miles away from him.


(ch. 4)

"No one can know! Do you understand me?!"

His voice vexed as he yelled the ear off of his associate, Im Hyung Sik.

"Kill them! Have I made myself clear?"

The man on the other line stuttered only to his blooming irritation.

"B-But the child will be with them, sir"

"No evidences"

He seethes, venom speaking through the receiver.

"Y-Yes, sir"


(ch. 6)

He was shocked would be an understatement of how he felt when he learned that he was still friends with this friend of his.

He was frozen solid in his seat as the boy mentioned a name that belongs to the necrologies.

He believes that it was spectrophilia that the boy was experiencing instead of insomnia.

But his lips curled up in a sinister grin when the boy left him alone in his office, it only made his task easier.

With the boy unhinged from sanity and his brother being the only individual spending time with the boy. He felt like it was the deities allowing their plan to execute smoothly, even helping them to complete it.

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