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4 days prior
to Jeongguk's Birthday


"Bonjour. Welcome to Tous Les Jours!"

A giddy male employee greets the Jeon men who entered the cake shop.

Jeongguk looks around the shop, eyes gleaming in excitement as he saw the beautiful cakes in display for his childlike self.

His uncle smiles at the sight of his nephew's eyes so bright just by seeing such simple things.

"Um, yes. We would like the order a cake, a personalized one to be specific"

"Oh, right this way, sir. Let's write down the details"

Jeon Chan Hae follows the short male towards the counter, wherein he could see in the bakery a few more employees creating and baking pastries.

The employee gave him an album of the cakes they have done for their customers.

"Jeongguk-ah, come here and pick what you want"

His voice startles Jeongguk who was intensely staring at a cake that looks like a bear's head. Its eyes big and its little hat sitting on top of its head.

Jeongguk wondered if he could also eat that hat but he shook his head and walked to his uncle.

He skims through the designs as the employee guides and informs them through the various designs of cakes they see.

"I want an Iron Man cake"

Jeongguk states giddiness radiating off him was evident. The employee grins as well as his uncle and then writes down their final order.

Jeon Chan Hae made sure that the cake will be delivered on the right date, time and place. He wanted Jeongguk's birthday to be special.

The two men exit the cake shop and was escorted back to their car by their security. Fortunately for Jeongguk, his uncle decided to take a day off since its Saturday and made a promise that he will bring Jeongguk everywhere he wants to.

"Do you want to go to an amusement park, Jeongguk-ah?"

"Yes, I want to!"

"Um ..Sir? I'm not sure if it is safe for you to be wandering around in such a crowded place. And Mr. Jeongguk is under a protection program at the moment"

The Jeons' head security says as he looks at Jeon Chan Hae through the rearview.

His uncle saw how Jeongguk's figure noticeably deflated from the said reason.

"It's fine. I have you around me, me and Jeongguk will be safe"

The head security couldn't do anything but comply to his superior's order.


"Jeongguk-ah, slow down I'm a bit too old for running"

His uncle pants as two guards fanned the elder Jeon's figure and offered him water, while three more guards ran after an overly excited and much younger Jeon, who was sprinting towards the Pirates' Swing.

The three guards gulped as they saw the giant ride, swing back and forth so high up.

They were in charge of the younger Jeon, therefore for the past hour they have been going on rides that Jeongguk goes in to, extremely nauseating and gut-flipping rides to be precise.

"Come on, let's ride this one"

Jeongguk looks back at his three guards, who looked at each other in fear, before hesitantly queueing with Jeongguk.

"This is for my new fridge. This is for my groceries. I'm a man, I can do this"

One of the guards mutters to himself, trying to pep-talk his soul that wants to leave his body as the queue becomes shorter and shorter.

The other two guards on the other hand could feel their lifespan shorten alongside the line they are queueing in.

The things employees do for their income..


"Did you have fun?"

"Oh, I did uncle!"

Jeongguk turns to his uncle, who now removed his coat due to the vigorous running and sweating all afternoon at the park.

Walking on the dark streets of Seoul towards their car, letting the chilly breeze embrace them is what fills Jeongguk's contentment.

He had fun.

That was actually geniunely fun, Jeongguk likes this feeling. He never had so much fun like this in 15 years and he knows Jimin hasn't as well.

He wished that Jimin would've come with them then it would just absolutely be the perfectly made day just for Jeongguk.

Nonetheless, he would see him again tonight anyway. Jeongguk grins at the thought of Jimin sneaking in again for him.

He still can't believe that Jimin actually reciprocates his feelings, that night was the best night of his life so far. It was surreal, it still is for him.

He was sleepless that night, afraid that Jimin might be gone when he wakes up.

He didn't get a wink of sleep, he admits that he just stared at the ethereal beauty lying in his arms, skin illuminated by the quiet streams of the moonlight from his window and the gust of wind slipping through the windows, carefully caressing his muse's strands of hair.

He thought he was seeing an angel for a second but no it was just Jimin. His Jimin.

"Oh? Mr. Jeon? A surprise to see you here"

A voice greets from behind Jeongguk and the three guards beside him. They all look back and see a man approaching his uncle.

"I took my nephew to the park"

"Ah, I see."

"Jeongguk-ah, come and meet my friend here"

His uncle calls for him as he jogs a few steps back and came face to face with a tall man, he looks familiar to Jeongguk.

While the unknown man to Jeongguk talked to his uncle, he stared at him conscienciously because he really does look oddly very familiar to Jeongguk but he's never met this man before.

Big eyes and a full smile that nearly resembles a quadrilateral.

Jeongguk's curious gaze travelled from the man's face and somehow to the man's abnormally huge hands.

"Oh, how rude of me. I still have not introduced myself to you, young man"

Jeongguk snaps his eyes away from this person's right hand and smiles politely, as he bows respectfully.

The man grins as he shook the younger Jeon's hand, who can't help but curiously blink at his capricorn head tattooed hand.

"I'm Jeongguk"

"I'm your uncle's right-hand man. Im Hyung Sik, nice to meet you.."


"now I see you, now I don't and probably never will again" —잔장국

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"now I see you, now I don't and probably never will again" —잔장국

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