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"Prosecutor Kim, it was blood on the shard of glass..." Taehyung and Hoseok's eyes lit up in anticipation, "but it is not Min Gi Hyuk's blood. It is from a person named Im Hyung Sik"

Taehyung's jaw dropped, he looks at his secretary and immediately gives him orders as he took the specimen and gave it to Hoseok. 

"Mr. Hoseok, I want you to research on Im Hyung Sik. I want his location, background and occupation. We are going to give them exculpatory evidences"

"Exculpatory evidences? You mean, you believe that Min Yoongi is not the murderer?"

Hoseok's eyes wide in shock as he halted in his tracks.

"Min Yoongi is innocent and we are going to prove it. Be sure to contact those witnesses that claimed the accusations against Min Yoongi"

Taehyung dismisses him as he left hurriedly to investigate further the cases of Cak Tiong and Oh Da Hee.

He knows something is up with the Jeon Group.



Case: Death of CEO
Victim: Oh Da Hee, 67 y/o
Suspect: Unknown
Crime Scene: Hotel room in Seoul

Taehyung climbs out of his car, his aura, itself intimidating all the passers by that saw him heading towards the hotel that was recently the "talk-of-the-town". As soon as the prosecutor came through the doors of the hotel, the receptionists and security guards' attention were captured by him.

Taehyung walks up to the female receptionist, who was eyeing the attractive prosecutor shamelessly, but was humiliatingly ignored as Taehyung just shows his badge and ID.

"I am Prosecutor Kim Taehyung. I am here to see the cctv recordings of Mr. Oh Da Hee"

"Ah, yes, sir. Please wait for a moment, I will call our manager"

The female receptionist disappears into an office attached to the back of the reception area, then after a few minutes returns with a male in a suit.

"Please, come this way, Prosecutor Kim"

Taehyung was led into a security room, with at least 60 monitors inside the large room. The manager tells one of the security watchers to show the last footage of Oh Da Hee in the hotel.

It shows a man in his robe, talking on the phone, lying on the bed at 10:45pm.

The first few minutes of watching nothing seemed suspicious, Taehyung tilts his head as suddenly the man in the footage drops his phone from his hands.

"He's dead?"

Taehyung asks his brows furrowed in confusion.

"I believe so, sir. But we don't know what happened"

Taehyung writes down notes and asked them to repeat the footage once again.

A man in his robe, talking on the phone, lying on the bed at 10:45pm. He watches everything closely once again. Taehyung gasps..

"Please rewind it for me, one more time.."

They oblige.

"There, watch the time"

Taehyung points at the time on top of the screen, it reads 10:45pm. The manager and the security looks at the time, from 10:45pm to 11:10pm then it suddenly cuts to 11:30pm. The manager and the security almost did a double-take as they rewinded and played it again and again.

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