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"Taehyung-ah, hurry up! Your father's waiting for you"


He hums in response still not moving his drowsy limbs, irritating his mother, further.

A dinner with a criminal— he scoffs as he chugged down a glass of water, heading straight to his bathroom.


Worn-out clothes with holes, loose pajamas and the fuzzy socks he was wearing to sleep, now lies on his hamper.

He looked like a homeless person before he tidied himself up for a dinner with his father.

Now wearing his best casual clothes, he checked himself one last time in the mirror before slipping on his shoes.

"Eomma! I'm leaving!"

He walks up to his mother, who was fussing over the food she was making for her dinner. He kisses her cheek.

"Behave, okay? And be careful on your way"

"I will. Bye, Eomma"

He walks out, loving the way the nighttime summer breeze was chilling yet warming his skin at the same time, under his coat and cap.

His nose all red, as well as his cheeks, as it peeked out of his thick scarf that his father bought for him.

He stops at a red light waiting for it to let them cross the busy streets. This sidewalk, this very same spot he was standing on was where that accident happened.

That accident that happened 15 years ago.

He stared at the concrete beneathe his feet, dry and void of the sheer glaze of snow that he always saw in his drea— nightmares.

The signal went on for the people to cross the road, he snapped out of his thoughts as he walked across to get to where his father asked him to go.

They always had dinner together at least twice a week, his father would always treat him even though he could already pay for them since he already works.

Taehyung finally found the restaurant that his father told him about.

He walks into the cozy restaurant, it was packed. Chattering surrounded the place, clinking of utensils and sizzles of the grill came from every corner.

It was a lively place. Taehyung grinned as he inhaled the scrumptious scent of the beef and different kinds of food lingering in the restaurant's space.


His eyes opened –he didn't even know he had closed them, at the sound of the voice.


Taehyung smiles at his father genuinely.

He was torn.

He knew his father was a bad man inside of that deceiving appearance but every time he told himself that he should be mad at him for doing what he did 15 years ago and still doing what he works as, he fails to do so.

He knows how much his father loves him, there's no denying that, he always gives him the best, he treats Taehyung so well.

That's why he is torn, whenever he would see his father he would just turn into that grinning little boy, excited to spend time with his Appa.

"Come on, sit! Oh, my son must be so hungry!"

His father laughs as Taehyung sat at their table, mouth hung open, staring at the pieces of meat being grilled by his father.

His father places the pieces of meat on his plate as he immediately starts to dig in. His stomach was crying for food, he had to do something.

"How was work, Taehyung-ah? You seem busy lately, you rarely visit me"

"Oh, I am doing great, Abeoji. I'm working on a lot of cases, it's very tiring"

Taehyung is a prosecutor. A great one at that. He has solved more than fifty cases in his first year, now he is a high ranking officer in his field.

But what are the odds? He is a criminal-catcher but why isn't he punishing this man infront of him?

When he heard from his mother that Jimin's parents were yearning for justice for what happened to their son, he was just an 8 year old that time.

He wanted to help because he knew the culprit.

He wanted to testify but an 8-year old's claim is basically an invalid one. His claims cannot be considered since he is just a child, he was not old enough.

He cannot understand why they would not believe his testament, he knows what he heard and saw that day the accident happened.

But he was just a helpless little boy, just like how Jimin was, just like the little boy inside that car. He couldn't do anything.

From that day on, he promised to himself that he would one day set things in the right direction, serve justice.

And now he was a prosecutor, a man that works for justice, a noble man —in the eyes of other people.

But to himself he turns out to still be that helpless, pathetic little boy with his mouth sealed shut with tape. Unable to voice the truth untold because deep inside, he knew that he loved his father.

His father only showed him unconditional paternal love throughout the years he was growing, nothing more, nothing less.

He could easily open up the case that happened 15 years ago once again, to reinvestigate and prove that his father was the one behind this terrible accident.

He could still remember it crystal clear in his head but the problem is, who was that person that his father was talking to?

Taehyung had a strong sense of justice but how can he handle putting his own father behind the bars for a lifetime? His father that has always been there for him even though his parents are separated, his father still did his best to play his part.

But what about the little boy that has been orphaned because of the crash?

How can he handle the weight of letting an orphaned child —probably a man now, still wonder why that unfortunate thing happened to him, out of all children?

He barely swallows the piece of meat down his throat, as he looks at his father quietly. He knew he had to set things straight, one day..

"Abeoji, I have something to tell you and please do not take this the wrong way.."


“abeoji's love for me is dangerous!" —김태형

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“abeoji's love for me is dangerous!" —김태형

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