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"I want that nosy rat gone, he's ruining everything. Do you understand me? You slipped once and worked like an amateur but I let it slide and I had to deal with it for years up to now. This is your last chance"

He stirs his hot chocolate drink steaming in his tea cup, as the loyal man opposite him, nods without hesitation.

A hand with a tattooed finger grabs the gun on top of the desk, before leaving him alone to his thoughts in his room.

He picks up the steaming cup before turning to look outside a wicked grin curling on his lips.

"Prosecutor No More. Hmm, not bad for the headlines..."

He chuckles as he sips his tea.


It was 1pm and Jeongguk sat in Prosecutor Kim's office as Jung Hoseok, the nosy secretary, scrutinized every bit of his being from the back of his head. Jeongguk felt totally uncomfortable but still he waited patiently for the prosecutor to arrive.


"Aish, stop t-trying to kiss me!"

Taehyung pushes Jeongguk's head away as he tried to focus on driving. He was stuck with Jeongguk, who was claiming that Taehyung kissed him then just left.

He just met this guy, what was he talking about?

Jimin on the other hand was in the back of Taehyung's car seat, he bit his lip trying to stop himself from laughing at the amusing sight.

They stopped in front of a very familiar house to Taehyung. It is Jeon Chan Hae's house, finally!

If only his plan on interrogating Jeon Chan Hae wasn't important, he wouldn't have been experiencing this drunk shit.

Taehyung was the first to climb down his side before jogging to the other side scooping Jeongguk in his arms, letting the boy's arm drape around his shoulder as he dragged Jeongguk towards the gates with Jimin silently following behind the two boys.

Taehyung has always been a good friend to him, to anyone. Even though he was being completely ignored at the back, he understands why, drunk Jeongguk needs much more attention right now than him.

Two females in pajamas emerged from the Jeon residence, their eyes widening as they realized it was Jeongguk.

"Oh, Sir Taehyung. Good evening"

One of the females greeted as they let Taehyung in to drag a very drunk coconut head into the house. 

"Where's his room?"


Jimin answers but Taehyung was already heading towards Jeongguk's door before he could point at it. Taehyung lays Jeongguk on the bed gently, the younger one letting out a sigh of pleasure as his back hits the soft mattress.

Jimin pushes Jeongguk's hair off his forehead, laying a peck on it, as Jeongguk leaned into his touch. Taehyung writes down something on a paper and leaves it on Jeongguk's bedside drawer. 

"Taehyung-ah, thank—"

Before Jimin can even state his gratitude, Taehyung ignores him and flees out of the room. Jimin sighs sinking back onto Jeongguk's bed, letting his hand caress Jeongguk's skin. The boy stirs in his sleep, snuggling closer to the hand touching him.

"Jiminie, come lay with me"

Jeongguk sleepily coaxed him, tugging on his hand. Jimin moves closer while Jeongguk makes a room for him to lie down, before Jimin did, he took the paper Taehyung left and read it.

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