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"Prosecutor Kim, we found the case you asked for"

Kim Taehyung's secretary, Jung Hoseok, walks in with a pile of documents in his arms barely able to handle it all. Good thing, Taehyung was fast enough to catch the falling papers.

"Wow, that's a lot of papers"

Hoseok grins wiping the sweat off his temples.

"Why did you want it anyway, Prosecutor Kim? That case has been dismissed for years already"

"I'm just going to dig into it, maybe it can give me a head start for this case I'm currently working on"

Taehyung sits in his stool in front of his computer, he places the papers in front of him.

"Oh, the death of the chairman of Miniso? Mr. Min Gi Hyuk?"

"The one and only"

Taehyung sighs and sinks into his seat as he flipped open the folder of his new case, only to be interrupted once again by his blabber-mouth of a secretary, Jung Hoseok.

"Well, Mr. Min was last seen with someone, I heard that it was his son. And this son allegedly planned this whole thing to claim all the assets of the company and take his father's place—"

"You heard, Mr. Hoseok. You only heard about it, you don't know if it these are facts or not. And from what I have read in Mr. Min's will, he wrote that its' biggest business partner will be the one to handle Miniso if ever he be deceased, so basically his son will only get some of the assets but the company will be handed over to that business partner"

Hoseok was about to say something but then realized what Prosecutor Kim said has a good point, they cannot just go around making theories based on rumors. Their job was to investigate, look for evidences and then construct intelligent assumptions.

"Oh, I see.."

As Taehyung scanned the documents in his hands, he reviewed Mr. Min of Miniso Industries' death.

Mr. Min was found dead in his company's restroom with several stabs all over his body three days ago, no fingerprints were found but during the autopsy Mr. Min had bruises, indicating that he probably fought back to the culprit. There are no cctv's in the restrooms, so footages are crossed out already.

Taehyung wanted to investigate further, he plops the documents down his table and grabs his coat.

He wanted to solve this case just like all those that he handled. He was not going to let this one ruin his ace reputation.

"I'm going to investigate, Mr. Hoseok. Please, review those old documents of the Jeon Family's case that I asked you to find, I will ask you about it when I come back"

"Yes, sir"

Taehyung flees the office making Hoseok drop his happy façade and let out a growl as he stomped and mocked Prosecutor Taehyung from the back, he huffed and brought the documents on his table.

Unwillingly, he flipped open the folder.

"Jung Hoseok, you can do this!"


The restroom crime scene was still off limits to all of the employees of Miniso Industries. He showed his ID to the security of the company and they led him to the crime scene.

The caution tapes still across the restroom door.

Two security guards accompanied him as he went inside the male restroom.

The floor that used to be stained with Min Gi Hyuk's blood was now clean and spotless. They only left an outline of the Mr. Min's corpse for further investigation.

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