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Shookt? Frustrated? Confused with my ending? Let me explain.

Also, you can post here your questions if you have any that I didn't get to include below in my explanation. I would gladly answer all your queries.



— having sex with a disembodied person or basically in lay man's term "ghost sex". And this practice can allegedly affect the person's (the human who had sex with the ghost) mental capability.

— a child that is conceived out of wedlock/marriage.

evidences that are brought to court whether it favours or not the defendant/accused.

Father, Dad in Hangul/Korean

Mother, Mom in Hangul/Korean

it literally translate to sexual intercourse



Okay, so let's from the very beginning. I will make a sort of family tree just to sketch out their relations with each other.

JEON IN GUK is the very first Jeon and founder of Jeon Group. He has 3 sons in birth order from eldest to youngest.

JEON HAE JIN, JEON CHAN HAE and his illegitimate child, KIM NAMJOON.

JEON HAE JIN has a son and that is Jeon Jeongguk.

JEON CHAN HAE has an illegitimate son, it is Kim Seokjin, that's why he doesn't have Jeon as him surname.

KIM NAMJOON is a half-brother of Hae Jin and Chan Hae, therefore he is Jeongguk and Jin's uncle. He is also a doctor.

JEON JEONGGUK and KIM SEOKJIN are cousins, therefore JEON IN GUK is their grandfather.

Another relations that I want to clear is IM HYUNG SIK and KIM TAEHYUNG'S relation with each other.

IM HYUNG SIK is Taehyung's father, but his parents split up when he was younger, thus Taehyung having his mother's surname KIM, instead of IM.

IM HYUNG SIK is JEON CHAN HAE'S right-hand man, basically the second command but Chan Hae doesn't know that Hyung Sik has been backstabbing him from the very start as we all discover in the end that IM HYUNG SIK is actually loyal to KIM NAMJOON.

PARK JIMIN is Taehyung's childhood friend and becomes Jeongguk's lover as the story progresses.



From the very beginning (The Prologue), it started with a simple scene of 7-year old Jeongguk's family in a car, on their way to his father's succession ceremony, wherein he will be ordained as the new chairman of Jeon Group.

But unfortunately they were tangled in an accident. So what really happened here is that KIM NAMJOON planned this, IM HYUNG SIK was just a gun-man, it was all Namjoon's work.

He wanted to kill his eldest brother and Jeongguk so he can have higher chance of becoming the new owner of Jeon Group.

Okay, so this accident happened 15 years ago but why did Taehyung bring this up in his investigation?

Because the killings of OH DA HEE, TAN CAK TIONG and MIN GI HYUK (The Big Four of Korea, along JEON CHAN HAE) are all connected to Jeon Group.

These three CEOs signed a contract that if they were to be killed/to be dead during their term as the handlers of their business, all their assets will be handed to Jeon Group for it to be sustained. Basically, all of their riches will go to Jeon Group if they died.

So their sudden deaths in a week was very suspicious for the prosecutor, then both HOSEOK and TAEHYUNG thought they connected the dots and pointed that JEON CHAN HAE, was doing all the killings.

When TAEHYUNG looks for evidences all day regarding the three cases of the CEOs, he found a shard of glass with blood stain on it in MIN GI HYUK'S crime scene and then he found the footages of a man having a capricorn head tattoo on the hand of the criminal.

All evidences pointed towards his father IM HYUNG SIK, who is the right-hand man of JEON CHAN HAE at that time, therefore increasing their suspicions about Jeon Group killing their business partners to get all the riches.

Then as investigators of course they had to dig up some past cases involving their person of interest to see what their motives are.

Then yeah, remember that scene wherein child Taehyung overhears his father talking to someone about killing? This is a big part because he was a witness to the phone call going on between his father IM HYUNG SIK and KIM NAMJOON about killing the Jeons. That's why he wanted to dig up Jeongguk's car crash case again because their person of interest, IM HYUNG SIK, is involved with it too.

Why were Namjoon and Jin never suspects?

Because they are illegitimate children, basically they were mistakes. And what we usually do to mistakes is cover them up so no one would know that we committed one. That's NAMJOON and JIN's case, no one knows about their blood-relation with the Jeons because throughout the years of them growing up they were hidden away with their mothers.

How come Jeongguk was able to have sex with Jimin, if he was actually a ghost?

You see, there's a thing called SPECTROPHILIA, and its basically a ghost sex. And I kind of believe in that theory and it is said to be that experiencing this inflicts a certain harm to the person's (the one experiencing ghost sex) mind and it basically messes them up.

To wrap it all up it was all KIM NAMJOON and KIM SEOKJIN's doing, the car crash and the CEOs deaths.



Thank you so much for those who got to this very last page! Thank you for voting and reading this book! Love you all! xx

Thank you so much for those who got to this very last page! Thank you for voting and reading this book! Love you all! xx

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