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"Please son, it's your cousin's birthday tomorrow and I won't be able to celebrate it with the poor kid.."

Chan Hae pleads, wanting his son to at least be a substitute for his absence on Jeongguk's birthday.

"Father, I am busy, you know my job—"

"Please just try and make it there, you two still haven't met"

After tapping his foot against his carpeted floor, he pretended to think for a moment before a sinister grin appeared on his face.

It worked.

He turns to face his father, expression changed as well as his tone.

"Okay, I will visit him"

"Thank you, I have to go home now, be careful on your way home"

As soon as the senior Jeon left his sight, he immediately picked up his phone and dialed his long-time secret accomplice, actual father-figure's number.

Jeon Chan Hae never really showed unconditional love and affection to him all throughout the years of him growing up because his mother got knocked up by an adolescent Jeon Chan Hae, therefore he and his mother were forced to hide in the dark to avoid sparking up rumors about the Jeon Group having an illegitimate child in their bloodline.

Hell! even to this day, whenever he visited his father in the issurance they just thought he was just hired by Chan Hae.

This person he is calling is his father-figure ever since he was a teen, they had met under the strangest circumstances and they are relatives but no soul knew about it.

And they are about to out themselves after years and years of working together as outcasts in their own relatives' eyes.

"Saturday is a go.."

He says and they both exchanged laughters of victory and evil. The person on the other side of the line sipped his cup of chocolate coffee in delight.

They had won.


Jeongguk's Birthday


An apology note, that is what greeted the now 22 year old, Jeon Jeongguk the minute his dazed self has finally accepted the morning rays of the sun.

"Your uncle left this for you"

Jimin's voice raspy as messy bed hair crowned his head like a halo, in Jeongguk's eyes at least.

The younger boy scoffs as he turns away from Jimin's hand that's handing him the note.

Jimin understands why the boy wouldn't want to possibly touch anything from that man because Jimin is right.

Jeon Chan Hae is a murderer. Jimin called it from the beginning and when Jeongguk only confirmed his hunches through Im Hyung Sik's confessions, he felt something so aggresive yet passive ignite inside him.

Jimin felt the need to step up his game in being his boyfriend's protector and lover.

When Jeongguk came home yesterday a bit later than his uncle, Jimin already sensed that something was off because the Jeon men would always be together when they go home if they went out together.

A few hours after Jeon Chan Hae's arrival, his doe eyed boyfriend finally came home. Jimin almost looked like an excited puppy clawing at the window, finally seeing his owner arrive.

But Jimin's excited demeanor suddenly faltered when he saw Jeongguk's deflated figure walk into the house, he waited in the bedroom. The door creaks open, Jeongguk walks inside, figure weak and his usual alpha stance was down and just void of energy.

The tension in the bedroom was too thick that a pin drop could be heard.

Jimin padded his barefeet to where his boyfriend was standing kicking off his shoes. He slips his arms around Jeongguk's body, trapping the younger boy's arms in his embrace.

Angry sobs and betrayed whimpers flooded as soon as he coaxed his boyfriend in his arms, Jeongguk poured everything out to Jimin.

From his parents' sketched out death, to meeting his murderer of an uncle's right hand man, Im Hyung Sik, to the fact that young Ggukie was also supposed to be dead in that car crash but his uncle's right hand man failed and coincidentally, Taehyung's father's death, Im Hyung Sik.

Jimin felt two arrows stab his heart at the thought of his friend, Taehyung's father, being the criminal and now dead.

When they were kids Taehyung would always tell him how much he adores his father through his stories and Jimin loved listening to Taehyung go on and on about his dad. He never really met Taehyung's father but from young Taehyung's tales, he seemed like a nice man but turns out, he was not.

Jimin held the younger boy in his arms all night, tears of anguish poured from his eyes as well as he felt sympathy towards Jeongguk.

He didn't deserve this. Jimin sighs rolling over and squishing Jeongguk's side with his body laying on top.

"Throw it"

"I'll just read it for you.. Jeongguk-ah, I am sorry but I won't be there with you to celebrate your 22nd birthday. I am truly sorry, I surely hope you understand this situation, boy. I left presents and your cake in the kitchen. Happy Birthday Jeongguk-ah!"


Jeongguk scoffs yet again and snatches the piece of parchment from Jimin and angrily crumples it, throwing it somewhere in the room before lying back down and covering himself in his sheets.

"Jeongguk, I'm here we can celebrate your birthday. We can go out"

Jimin crawls under the covers to find his boyfriend's bare skin. He presses his lips against his shoulders, landing a few pecks whilst rubbing his arms soothingly.

"Please, let's go out"

Jimin pouts and then finally a sigh left his boyfriend's mouth and Jimin giggled, he knew he won.

The whole day was consisted of Jimin, being a playful beagle puppy trying to cheer up an obviously unenthusiastic Jeongguk but nonetheless he still made him smile a few times.

They went home after having done their activities and little did they know that the night was what made Jeongguk truly happy. They finally went all the way with each other.

Them making love for hours on end 'til Jimin was filled with his come and sheets stained with their sweaty limbs on his birthday, definitely a hybrid of the best and worst birthday for Jeon Jeongguk.


"crazy runs in our blood, indeed" —전정국

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"crazy runs in our blood, indeed" —전정국


next part will be really intense im really warning you now  hahahaha thank you so much for the readers that stuck to me til the end!

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