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A faint nudge caused for his slumber to be disturbed. A groan left his throat as he tossed around in his wake.

"Ggukie? Oh, you're awake"

"Jimin? Where are we?"

Jeongguk asks as soon as he opened his eyes and did not recognize the ceiling nor the bedsheets.

"We're in your uncle's house, we arrived 4 hours ago. Are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah, what happened?"

"Seizure. You gave your uncle a good scare"

Jeongguk sighs, his damn seizures is his problem. The worst part of it is that the same painfully haunting scene is being replayed, right before his eyes.

A helpless child sitting at the back of the car, watching as the scene unfolded, his mother's head banging against the car window, his father's body being crushed behind the wheels and Jimin's 8 year old body flung onto the ground.

Jeongguk shakes his head ridding of the explicit memory.

"Your uncle went back to the company, he said you're free to visit him there anytime"

There it is, he has a family but it still feels like there is none. So much for being "home".

"Come let's get you dinner and maybe we can go out for a walk, I saw a park on the way here"

Jimin offers his hand for Jeongguk to take. Warmth. Coziness. This is home, Jimin is his home.

He smiles as he gets up on his feet taking the smaller hands of the other, his limbs still in a bit of a daze.


"I think it's nice"


Jeongguk turns his head as he and Jimin swung gently on the swings, letting the summer breeze caress their skin.

"Your uncle. I think it is going to be the start of a nice life for you, Jeongguk"

Jimin looks at his feet a dull ache surging in his chest. And the doe eyed boy notices it.

"For us. It's the start of a nice life for us"

"Jeongguk, you know I can't stay at your uncle's house"

"Jimin, you've seen his house. It has like 8 bedrooms. I'm pretty sure he could spare yo-"

Jimin rolls his eyes at the younger lad's proposal. He leaps off the swing and kicked the sand scattered at their feet.

"Don't be ridiculous, Jeongguk. I can't stay there"


"Look.." Jimin grabs the younger's hands in his, pulling him to his feet, looking at him sincerely, "I'll visit you everyday, if you want to"

"Of course, I do. I really can't change your mind?"

Jeongguk asks his doe eyes staring into Jimin's soul, almost taking the shorter boy's breath away because of its' beauty. Jimin as well, almost changed his mind but no, he wants to do this.

He wants to spend time with them.

"No can do, Ggukie"

Jimin smiles, he tugs Jeongguk's hand as they walked the sunset illuminated grass of the park. The lake looked divine under the sun's warm hues.

"It's beautiful here, Ggukie"

"Yeah, that's why you should stay"

Jimin scoffs, admiring the horizon slowly closing in on the daylight to welcome the night sky.

Jeongguk's admiration, however, was not directed towards the beautiful dawn but was aimed specifically at a boy who wore a contagious eye-smile that has captivated him ever since the first time they had met.

Jimin was his everything. They lived together for 15 years in that institute, they grew up together. He was his family, his best friend and his everything, he trusted him with his whole life.

He couldn't imagine living in his new household without the company of the shorter boy. He was anxious.


Jimin waved at Jeongguk goodbye as they parted ways, Jeongguk going back to his uncle's house and Jimin going back to his home.

As Jeongguk pushed the gates open, he saw two maids running to him, holding the huge metals open for him to come in.

"Mr. Jeon is waiting inside"

One of the women says to him, he nods and goes inside.

"Uncle Chan Hae, you were looking for me?"

"Yes, yes. I wanted to give you something"

His uncle, tall, has a strong presence and the Jeon family's trait, doe eyes. Big and innocent brown eyes that were as magestic as the darkest pearls of the ocean.

He was a spitting image of his late father.

His uncle hands him a small, mahogany box with the letters spelling "JEON" were engraved at side of it.

"What is it?"

"Open it"

He takes it and opens it, a paper airplane necklace sat in the box. He takes it and scrutinizes its' design, his curious eyes amazed at the object's beautiful carvings.


"Jeon Hae Jin. It's your father's, I made sure that it was not included in the things that were buried with them, so you can have it"

Jeongguk's chest tightened and his eyebrows furrowed as he slipped it on his head, peering down at the piece of his father's property.

"Thank you, uncle"

Jeongguk was sincerely thankful of his uncle's thoughtful actions, it made him feel at ease to know that piece of his father was still with him.

He smiles at his uncle, who suddenly engulfed him in a warm hug.

"Thank God, you're okay, Jeongguk. Welcome home."

Jeongguk nods joy filling his entire body and soul, he hugs back his uncle accepting his new life.

Hopefully, a normal life.


Old floor board creaking beneath his feet, just like how he remembers it.

He looks around his bedroom, still tidy and his things still there all polished and untouched for years.

Jimin hears a sound of two voices, chattering in the living room. He finally sees them aged, a bit of white hair grown in their heads after years..

"Eomma... Appa..."


"I'm still me, just a little different" -박지민

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"I'm still me, just a little different" -박지민

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