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3 days prior
to Jeongguks Birthday


The drive to the hospital was fairly peaceful for the lovers, who are simply enjoying each other's presence while the comfortable silence sat between them.

They arrived just in time for Jeongguk's appointment.

"Mr. Jeon Jeongguk?"

Dr. Kim's nurse, calls just when Jeongguk was about to sit with Jimin in the waiting area.

He follows inside, leaving Jimin to sit and just wait for him to come back.

"Jeonggukie, wow! You look much better now"

Namjoon greets as he stands from his swivel chair to scan the much healthier and livelier boy in his clinic.

"Sit, I'm very sorry for the sudden move of your check-up with me"

"No worries, I have nothing planned today, anyway"

Then, the usual procedure was done on Jeongguk, his vital signs are normal, better than his last visit's record and his complexion looked much brighter.

Dr. Kim narrows his eyes at the boy who had a certain glow to his face.


"You did it, didn't you?"

Namjoon smirks as Jeongguk squirms in his seat, suddenly feeling so exposed.

"Did w-what?"


Namjoon grins, as he nods his head in approval and gave embarassed Jeongguk a cheeky thumbs up, to which the younger boy scrunched his face at.

"Are you sexually active, right now?"

These words are just too.. bold for Jeongguk.

"Um.. you could say that"

"Keep it up, its a really good therapy for your physical and mental condition"

Jeongguk rubs the back of his neck as he nods, unable to look at the doctor to tell his and Jimin's recent shenanigans. Doctor Kim doesn't really seem phased by the topic at all, probably because he discusses this 24/7 with his other patients.

"So, tell me about your dreams, Jeongguk..."

He tells his doctor about the most recent nightmare he had, he couldn't help but gulp the lump in his throat as he tells Namjoon his terrifying dream.

It seemed so real.

The knife, blood and that last whisp of breath that he hears just before the piece of sharp metal clinks on the floor.

He doesn't understand why he was the one dropping the knife in the end.

"You see Jeongguk, this can simply be just a dream you're having because of the pressure happening around you these days.. And perhaps, the pressure around you is mainly caused by these people who always appear in this dream of yours?"

Jeongguk thinks for a moment and realizes that it is partially true. The two people involved in the nightmare were Jimin and his uncle, and they are currently the ones who are constantly on his mind, especially Jimin.

"But the third person... I don't know him, I've never seen him before"

"This is where my other theory comes into play. You may be experiencing precognitive dreams.."

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