Chapter 2

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I wake up and my hair is a mess. the covers are on the floor and then I look down at my naked body. What he and I did last night was amazing. Cato is asleep and then his phone rings. I wake him up and he answers it. he is on the phone with his mom. He hangs it up.

" Clove, you need to go. my parents are coming home today." I put my clothes back on and I kiss him and i go back to my house. I then hear a knock on the door and I hope to god that is Cato. I get up and i open the door. A peacekeeper is at the door. he hands me a letter and walks away.

I close the door and I open the letter. It says," Clove, As you already knew the victor's tour is in a couple of months. But, I'm inviting Cato, you, and your family to the capitol for a gicantic feast on sunday. I really hope you are able to attend. By the way I need to talk to you about your sneaky stunt when you were inside the arena. President Snow."

I walk over to cato's house and he is sharpening one of his swords. i tap him on the shoulder and he turns off the machine. " Hey there clover." I frown at him. When we first met he called me that and it has stuck. I jump into his arms and he catches me. I am so small. Im sixteen years old and im only five foot 2. I weight just around 115 pounds. Cato kisses me on the lips and puts me down. I tell him about President Snow's invitation.

I can tell he's worried about my safety. He agrees to go and i kiss him and walk back to my house. On the way to my house my mentor ,Enobaria, steps in front of me. "Hey Clove. Do you remember how you tried to kill me on the train ride home from the capitol?" I start laughing remembering the moment.

Then out of nowhhere I'm pushed from behind and im smacked in the back of my head. I get up and turn around and there is a 15 year old girl standing in front of me. She is about 5-9 and she has me beat in sizeby a mile.

"Clove, this is my daughter Aspen. She is here to make a point. Never cross your mentor", Enobaria says. I then pull out my biggest knife. " You want to fight Aspen, Let's go." She tackles me to the ground and disarms me. She punches me in the face. Most of the district has now surrounded us. I see Cato and he is worried sick. I taste blood and now its on.

I slip from her grasp and grab a pair of my throwing knifes and i throw one at her leg and it connects. I then chop block her knee. I then start kicking her in the ribs. She takes the knife out of her leg and throws me halfway across the ground. I land right on my injured back. I know that there is something wrong with my back but I will not lose. I get up and deliver the hardest kick of my life to her head. she collapses down. I just realize that I just knocked her out.

She reagains her senses and gets in my face. She extends her hand for a handshake. "Friends", she asks. I gladly accept her handshake. I dont want to fight her again. Cato is pushing people out of the way just to get to me. he gets to me and i know hes going to be mad.

I try to run away but i fall tothe ground. i am in to much pain and cato reaches me. he picks me up and carries me to his house. He places me on the coucb and goes to the kitchen. he gets back and tells me to turn over. I do as instructed. he lifts up my shirt and injects me with something.

I snap up but before I can even think about what to do. he has me on the floor with my arms pinned behind my back. he lets me back up and hugs me. "I'm just glad your'e okay. We then go pack out stuff for our trip to the capitol.

Our families are already in the capitol taking care of some district two buisness. I finish packing my stuff and head over to Cato's. he sitting on his porch. I take a seat next to him. He hands me a bottle of medicine. "Whats this, I ask." " Its medicine for your back that i picked up earlier", he says. Out of nowhere, a hovercraft hovers above us. A ladder drops for our lugage and then almost instantly another ladder drops for us. we hang on as we are lifted into the hovercraft.

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