Chapter 28

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My eyes open as the bright sun light shines through the window. I llok over at Cato's side of the bed and he isn't there. I sit up and my leg objects to me sitting up. I fall back down on the bed and lay there for a few minutes. Today is the 80th Annual Hunger Games Reaping. 

I then try to swing my legs over the side of the bed and it works but with some pain. I grab my crutches and balance myself on them. I walk out of the room and down the hallway and I see Mira's door open and I walk into her room.

Cato is cleaning her room and I walk in and walk up to Mira's bed and she is sound asleep. I kiss her on the cheek and Cato walks up beside me. "She's so cute, when she's sleeping." "Yeah, she is. Let's go check on Braden." 

We walk out of the room and Cato shuts the bedroom door behind him. We walk down the hallway a little more and we reach Braden's room. Cato opens the door really slowly and Braden is already standing up on his tiny little legs. Cato picks him out of his crib and rocks him in his arms for a couple minutes. 

Braden's eyes shut and he fallas back asleep. I kiss him on his cheek and Cato places Braden back in his crib. We carefully walk out of the room and Cato shuts the door to his room carefully. "Clove, take a shower, please." "Ok, love." I kiss him and I head into our bedroom.

I pick out my clothes for the day a yellow blouse, blue jeans, and my victor boots. I wrap my leg in the plastic so it wont get wet in the shower. I hop in the shower and I rinse my body off with my lavender shampoo. I wash my hair and I turn the shower off. 

I get out and I dry my body off. I put on my undergarments, my jeans, my blouse, and then my boots. I take the plastic thing off my leg. I hobble into the bedroom and grab my crutches. Cato walks by me and  says," You look great. Your breakfast is downstairs on the table." 

I walk on my crutches down the stairs and I see a plate of eggs, bacon, sauasge, hashbrowns, and buiscuits on the dinner table. I sit down in the chair and I start eating. The doorbell rings and I get up and walk over to the front door. I open it and I see Callie, Rhylie, Julianna, Brutus, Enobaria, Prim, Reiner, Ashley in Reiner's arms, and Hazel.

"Hey guys, thank you Reiner and Julianna for watching the kids." "It's no biggy." Cato comes down the steps holding Braden and Mira is walking behind him. Cato places Braden in his playpen and Mira goes and plays with him.

All of a sudden, the all familiar horn sounds. Cato, Prim, Brutus, Enobaria, and I say our goodbyes. We make our way to the justice building. When we arrive, there are 5 mahogany chairs on the stage. We all take a seat and all the potentional tributes start piling in.

After all of the potentional tributes are ready I see the long term District 2 escort, Alika Mason walk up to the podium. 

"Welcome, welcome. Now before we get to the 80th Annual Hunger Games Reaping, we have a message from Sara Snow. This is the same video about the dark days that they have been showing for years but it's sara's voice now. After the video ends, Alika steps abck up to the mic.

 'Now, it's time to select one female and one male to represent District 2 in the 80th Annual Hunger Games. "Ladies first." She walks over to one of the reaping bowls and sticks her hand in the bowl and pulls out a slip and walks back over to the podium.

"Cassi Bolger." I take a look at her while she walks up to the stage. She came out of the 18 year old section, she has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, she looks to be about 5' 11''.  She walks up the stairs and stands beside Alika. 

"Now for the boys." She walks over to the other reaping bowl and picks out a slip of paper. She walks abck up to the mic and reads the name.

"James Morgan." I take a look at him. He came from the 16 year old section, he has dark brown hair, green eyes, and looks to be about 6' 3''. He walks up to the stage and stands beside Alika.

"Your tributes, Cassi Bolger and James Morgan." She escorts them to the abck and we stand up and get on the trainn and wait for Cassi and James. The door to the train opens and they walk in but then something catches my eye.


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