Chapter 42

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The elevator door shuts and Cato's strong arms do not let go of me even when Sara is long gone. He drags me out of the living room and back into the room that we share together. He shuts the door and that's when he releases me.

"Cato, did you hear what she said?!?! I'm going to kill that snake of a women if it's the last thing I do." I yell at the top of my lungs. He walks back over to me and shakes his head at me.

"Clove, trust me I want to too. But, we don't want to giver her more fuel to torture us in these games, alright? Just relax and keep the anger out of this." He says with his sweet voice. I nod and I fall into my husband's strong, supporting arms. He rubs his hand through my hair which is still in it's braid.

I collapse to the bed and I feel so stressed out. I feel my body being lifted by Cato. He ruffles back the covers and lays me back down and pulls the covers over me up to my neck. He climbs in next to me. He wraps his arms around my waist.

"I love you Cato." I say turning to face him. He smiles and he plants a kiss on my lips. I smile and I shut my eyes getting some sleep before the start of training the next day.

The next morning I feel my body being shaken. I look next to me and see Cassi shaking me awake. Well, this is just backwards of a couple years ago. I smile at her and she smiles back at me. I get up off the bed and see a prepared outfit next to me. This has to be Furling's work.

It's a black tight shirt with District 2 outlined in blood red. The pants are black with blue stripes down the sides. It says, "HAZRETH, VICTOR, FAMILY." I slip off my clothes and slip on the training outfit. I then see Furling walk in my room.

"Good Morning Sweetheart. You look good but let's make it better." Furling says. I smile at him and he grabs a headband that is black with blue outlines and ties it around my head.

He then reveals a new pair of boots. They are black with the word Hazreth in white on the side of them. He slips them on my feet and ties them.

"Thanks Furling, it's great." I say as he smiles. He's been like a second father to me. He's only 40. He was 29 when we first met back in the 74th annual games. I stand up and he hugs me.

"Go out there and show them who the real victor is." He says. He kisses me on the cheek and I exchange the favor. I walk out of my room to see Cato, James, Cassi, and Alika.

I join hands with Cato and we get in the elevator. Alika and Furling have been friends for over 25 years. I see them has my 2nd parents, I guess.

The elevator takes the long journey down to the training center. I see Sara along with Miranda and her youngest child, Emily.

Sara has a bandage on her nose. I think it looks good on her. Oh, wait I did that. I snicker to myself and Cato laughs at me.

We listen to the head trainer and I head right towards the knife station. I see a baton station, a axe station, swords, bow and arrows, knifes, maces, and all different kinds of things.

There's a girl at the baton station. I know her. She was the 12 year old from District 7 that won the 71st Hunger Games, her name is Janey Raymond.

At the axe station is one of the most influential victors of all time. Her name is Johanna Mason from district 7. She pretended she was weak for most of her games and then she outsmarted everybody else.

At the trident station, there is Finnick Odair. He won his games with a trident and net. It was the most expensive sponsor gift in the history of the games. His district partner, Annie Cresta is at his side.

I look over and see Gale at the bow station. He's almost as good as Katniss was. I wonder why they were so good. I then glance at Prim who is doing her usual damage with her mace.

I focus back on my station. 10 total targets. 5 stationary and 5 moving targets. I take on' knife and fling it at the stationary targets.

It hits dead center. I fling 4 more knifes at the stationary targets and they all hit dead center.

I focus my attention on the moving targets. I fling a knife at it and it hits it dead center. I throw all the other knifes and they hit dead center.

"We'll, someone's extremely accurate with a pair of knifes." A voice behind me says.

I flip around and see District 7 tribute, Janey Raymond. She seems more malicious now then she was.

"Thanks, your good yourself." I answer her and she nods and goes over and talks to her district partner, Johanna.

I look at my targets and I go over and talk to Finnick. He has a certain arrogance about him.

He would make a great friend and his partner, Annie is really nice. Her games we're really weird. She would've never won if it wasn't for that huge flood.

I walk over to where Prim is and she's talking with Gale.

"Hey guys, what's up?" I ask as they turn and face me.

"Nothing much, just making out a plan." She says which gets me thinking.

"I have an idea. We make an alliance. Janey, Johanna, Finnick, Annie, Cato, you guys, and me." I suggest to them. They look at me and nod their heads.

"It's a great idea, I like it." Prim says as the trainer calls off training. Prim and I join Cato, Cassi, and James at the elevator and we go back up to the District 2 floor. We have the private training in a few hours so we cant change. I sit on the couch cuddling my head into Cato's shoulder. He runs his hand through my long brown hair.

A horn sounds throughout the building and it's private training time. Cato and I file into the elevator and it leads us down to the room where we wait. Gloss and Briar go first and then Cato is called and I kiss him on the cheek and he enters the training facility. After around 25 minutes, my name is called.

I stand up and walk through the doors and see Sara along with Plutarch Heavensbee ad the other gamemakers on the balcony. I see 20 moving targets in front of me and  20 sharp beautiful knifes laid out. I walk up and I start firing knifes at the targets. Each knife hits dead center. I bow and then I grin at Sara and I walk out of the center.

We all sit in the living room waiting for the reveal of the scores when Prim walks in. The TV flashes and Ceaser Flickerman appears. He gets through the district one scores and he reaches District 2.

"Clove Hazreth, with a score of 11. Cato Hazreth, with a score of 10." He says. I smile and then he continues to go through everybody else. Janey and Johanna has scores of 10 and 11. Finnick had a score of 11 while Annie earned a 9. Prim and Gale earned a score of 10 and 11.

I smile and I go into my room and I change out of my training attire and into my sleep clothes. A white tank top and white shorts. I climb underneath the covers and I turn away from the door and I shut my eyes, falling asleep.

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