Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

I pick Mira off the floor and carry her downstairs. I place her on the couch. I go back upstairs and put Braden to sleep. I see Cato bandaging up Mira. I see her eyes open and I can’t help but relax. I don’t think I could live anymore if I lost my daughter or my son. “Mommy, Daddy what hap…need.” She can’t get it out because it is a big word for her.

“We think someone from the capitol attacked you. You are alright.”  She sits up and she is sore. I get some medicine and water from the kitchen. I give it to Cato and he makes Mira take it. The medicine is a combination of sleep syrup, headache reliever, and back reliever.

She drinks some of the water and them she blacks out and falls asleep. I carry her up to her room and put her under her covers and kiss her on the forehead. I turn her light off and I head downstairs where Cato is carrying Braden up to his room.

I take a seat on the couch and I turn on the TV. I start flipping through channels and I see a Hunger Games Interview with Plutarch Heavensbee. I start watching the interview with the head game maker.

“So, Plutarch this is your second year as game maker, what can we expect from you this year,” Caesar asks. “Caesar, I can’t give up a lot yet but I can tell you that the arena is very special this year.” Caesar stands up and says,” That’s it for today but be back here next week for a very special interview with Clove Hazreth, Cato, Hazreth, Brutus Gunn, Enobaria Golding, and Primrose Everdeen.” The TV then switches to a past version of the Hunger Games.

I turn off the television and I hear Cato come down the steps. He sits next to me on the couch and we are wondering why Caesar wants to interview all of us next week. It is only days away from the reaping. I rest my head onto Cato’s shoulder and he starts messing with my hair.

I can feel my eyes drifting from open to closed and the last thing I hear before I go to sleep is, “I Love You.” My eyes widen and I am lying in my bed. Cato must have carried me upstairs last night after I fell asleep. I look next to me and Cato is still sound asleep.

I sit up and I see Cato’s eyes open and he pulls me next to him. I lay next to him and he wraps his muscular arms around me. “We have to get up. We can’t just lie here all day,” I say to him. He sits up and gets in the shower.

He gets out of the shower and I get in. I can hear him writing something and he heads downstairs. He is probably going to take Mira to school and come back. I step out of the shower and I dry myself off. I put on my clothes and I go into my room.

I put on my boots and I walk down the hallway towards Braden’s room. I open the door carefully and he is still asleep. I shut the door carefully and walk down the steps and I start fixing myself some breakfast.

I hear the door open and Prim, Reiner, and their baby girl, Amanda walk in. Well, Amanda is in Prim’s arms sound asleep. “Hey sis, Reiner says.” I turn around and I hug him. All of a sudden, I hear crying coming from upstairs.

I rush upstairs and into Braden’s room. As soon as he sees me, he stops crying. I pick him out of his crib and I change his diaper. I put some clothes on him and I head downstairs. I place him in his high chair

I get Prim Mira’s old high chair and she puts Amanda in it. I look at the babies and they are staring at each other and I cant help but laugh. The door opens and Cato walks in. He sees Prim and Reiner and waves at them. He sees Amanda and Braden staring at each other and he laughs too.

He kisses me on the cheek and we fix Breakfast and we all sit down at the table and eat breakfast. Prim and I feed our babies and and we all hang out for the day. When it is time to pick up Mira from school, Prim and Reiner tag along with cato and I.

We reach the school and Mira is taking to Callie’s son, Rhylie. It looks like they are really ood friends now. Mira sees me and she says by to Rhylie. I grab her hand and we walk back towards the house. Mira has not taken her eyes off of Amanda and it hits me that she doesn’t know her yet,

“Mira, this is your baby cousin, Amanda Kemmings,” I tell her. She asks Reiner if she can hold her. Reiner hands Mira Amanda and she holds her for a couple of minutes before they have to leave.

After about 5 minutes, Mira hands Amanda back to Prim and they leave. I turn the TV on and turn it to Mira’s favorite show and she sits on my lap. After about 30 minutes she falls asleep on my lap. Braden has fallen asleep in Cato’s arms. We take the kids upstairs and we put them to bed.

We go back downstairs and the door opens and Julianna, Hazel, and Johnny walk in. “Clove, Cato come with us now, this is really important.” We walk out of the house and I see Callie Zagton lying on the ground with her son knocked out.

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