Chapter 8

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I wake up and Cato is still sound asleep. I carefully get out of bed and I walk downstairs. I grab a ham biscuit out of the fridge. I take a seat on the couch and Hazel takes a seat beside me. " hey clove, Im really happy for you." "thanks sis." She leaves and is probably going to see Chris.

I can hear footsteps coming from upstairs. Its either my Dad or Cato. I then hear footsteps and I see my very strict father. He takes a seat next to me. I tear half of the biscuit and I hand it to him. he then starts to talk. "So, how are you feeling clove?" " I'm fine dad." " I'm not going to yell at you. I'm happy for you. I'm sure your mom has already talked to you."

"yeah she did last night." " Your mom and I are going to the capitol so Johnny is in charge, understand?" "I understand Dad." He gets up and leaves. I hear Cato coming down the steps. He sees me with my hands buried in my face. He walks over to me and he puts his arm around me.

What's wrong Clove", he asks as I lift my face out of my hands. "Nothing, I was just thinking." "Hey want to grab some lunch later", he asks. "Yeah I would love too." I go upstairs and I take a shower. I get out and put on a black t-shirt,black pants, a black jacket with blue and red stripes, and my favorite boots. I put my hair up like it was in the hunger games.

I meet Cato by our fig tree. He extends his hand and I take it. We start walking toward this cafe at the end of town. We walk in and Cato says," Table for 2." The waiter leads us to our table and we order our drinks. Im having beef stewand Cato is having chicken pot pie. i swear he loves it so much. I feel the same way about beef stew. We finish eating and we leave the cafe. I am so full and I need to walk it off.

So, Cato and I go walking in the district for a couple of hours. Somebody then  bumps into me and we hit the ground. Cato is yelling at her. "Watch where you going alright." " I'll go wherever i want to." That voice, i know that voice. I have a flashback 2 weeks before the 74th annual hunger games reaping. I was walking around and Cato wasn't with me. This girl pushed me down and kicked me in the ribs. She was about 5-6 and had dark brown hair. I was unarmed so I was without my weapons. She twisted my arm behind my back and slammed me into a tree back first. I had a slight tendon tear in my left arm. She then kicked me in the head.

Her name was Jordan Paylor. She lives on the outskirts of district 2 and district 3. I get up and I tell Cato I got this. I get up in Jordan's face and say," Remember me?" " Yeah, I kicked your butt last year  and I'll do the same right now." " Here is the difference Jordan between this year and last year. I wasn't armed last year. I am this year." I pull out my biggest knife and wave it in front of her face. Do you want to fight now Mrs. prissy pants?" She pulls out a smaller knife than me. I laugh at her. " You really think you're better at knives than me. I never miss."

She tries to slash at me but I move. I flip her over my shoulder. I get on top of her and hold my knife to her throat. " Here's the difference too. You didn't kill me. I'm going to kill  you right here." I raise my knife to stab her in the chest. I guess Cato has seen enough. He pulls me off of Jordan and carries me away.

He puts me down next to our tree. He doesn't even let me talk. " Clove, do you want to go to prison. You would have if you would have killed that girl. You need to calm down. hand it over." He motions for the knife and I hand it to him and he puts it in his pocket. We sit down by our tree and talk about our favorite moments in our relationship.

We sit there for what seems like hours and hours. We get up and we head over to my house. I walk in and I see 2 peacekeepers standing in the kitchen. "What's going on here", I ask. I then see hazel in handcuffs. "WHY IN THE HELL IS SHE IN HANDCUFFS!" The girl peacekeeper then speaks up. We found her snooping around on capitol land earlier." They then take Hazel away. How in the world am I going to tell mom and dad that hazel got arrested.

I swwear can anything else go wrong today. I then hear a knock on the door. I go over to the door and open it. It's Prim. " hey prim, what are you doing here?" I found somebody in the woods of district 12 that knows you very well. Actually, she is related to you." Prim moves and It is my older sister Julianna. I am in complete shock. A tear escapes my eye. "prim, where did you find her?" "Actually, she came to me. She asked me if I knew Clove kemmings, shes my sister. I said yes I do. She then said take me to her.

" Prim, i can't repay you for this. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!" Prim leaves and I embrace Julianna with a tight hug. "I thought you were dead???" She then says, " Nope. The shot from the peacekeeper just hurt me really badly." Ive been living in district 12 for 2 years." I call Rodney and he sees Julianna standing there.

"Julianna, we need your help. Hazel got arrested and we think that she was framed." She nods her head and we grab our weapons. I forgot that Julianna was very skilled with a spear. We go and get Aspen and we head toward the city jail. Then it hit me. There are security cameras around capitol land. We get to the jail and I ask one of the peacekeepers to look at the security footage. They watch it and it was a escapee from district one. They release hazel and she is shocked to see Julianna.

It's about 9:30 P.M. I am so pooped. I have been doing stuff all day. I head upstairs to my room. I can hear Cato follow behind me.I take off my jacket and my boots. I take off my pants and put on my red short shorts. I take off my sweaty shirt and put on blue tank top. I lay in bed and then Cato puts his hands over my eyes. "Suprise, Suprise." I turn toward him and he takes his hands off my eyes.

I kiss him on the lips. he lays down beside me and puts his around my waist. I wrap my arms around his neck and we start making out. After about 5 minutes we release and start to fall asleep. I see Prim and hazel getting their bodies torn to bits by mutts. I am kicking and screaming until Cato shakes me awake. "Nightmare", he asks. I nod my head and he pulls me closer to him.

I rest my head on his chest. He rubs my head. I then move my head and place my hand on his chest. he traces his name on my hand and I do the same. My bedroom door then opens and it is Julianna. I am so embarassed right now. My face turns a bright red. " You two are so cute. anyway, clove were going out to dinner tomorrow night. just to let you know." She walks out and shuts the door.

Cato can tell I'm blushing. He kisses me and we both mess with each other's hair until we fall asleep. The 75th annual hunger games reaping is next sunday.

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