Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

I am lying in my bed at home resting my leg. I hate being bed ridden but I don’t have much choice. I hate being targeted like this. Mira has come in here a couple times but Cato really hasn’t left me. He is out taking Mira to school but that’s it.

He hasn’t really left my side and I love him for it. The door opens and I see a unkown face. “Who are you?” “Miranda Snow. I see you are injured, what happened?” “Your stupid mother tried to freaken kill me!”

Her face gets red and she slaps my leg. I howl out in pain. “Not an another word about my mother.” She then hears foot steps and rushes out the window. I try to get up but my leg objects. I stay where I’m at.

Cato opens the door and sees the broken window. “Miranda Snow, she broke in the house.” He sees me holding my leg and I try to hide the pain but he sees right through it. “She hit your leg, didn’t she?” I nod  my head in agreement with him.

He walks over next to me and touches my leg softly but even the slightest touch makes it hurt.  I wince and he intwertwines his fingers with mine. “Clove, your bleeding. I have to take the bandages off and clean it up. It’s going to hurt.” “Ok.”

He starts to unwrap the bandage and my god it hurts. I lean my head back and scream. I then realize that it isn’t doing me any good. I stop and after Cato has stopped the bleeding and wrapped my leg back up, he teases me with a kiss on the cheek.

“Damnit, Cato stop teasing me.” He chuckles low in his throat and kisses me and we break away. I lay there thinking for a minute and I then hear a blood curdling scream. Cato grabs his sword and I swing my legs over the side of the bed.

I grab my crutches and I limp down the hallway and see Miranda Snow with a knife to Reiner’s neck. Prim is being held by 2 peacekeepers. “Miranda, please stop.” She then releases Reiner and throws the knife at me. It hits me in the arm.

“Bad Move. You just gave me a knife.” I throw it at her and it grazes her cheek. She backs up and leaves but punches Prim in the face. Reiner explodes and Cato has to restrain him.

“Reiner, stand down.” He relaxes and Cato lets go of him. Reiner goes over and checks on Prim. I limp down the rest of the steps. I walk outside and over to Prim. I help her up and Reiner takes her inside the house.

Reiner walks back out and I step in front of him. “Clove, move.” “NO, you’re angry. Dad was killed when he went out alone after he got mad at me, remember?”

“Clove, Im serious, move.” “Reiner, I’m older and I’m not moving. Stop it.” We stand there at a stand still and he tries to move by me. I trip him with my crutch. “NO, you’re not going anywhere.” “Julianna, come here.” She walks out of the house and over to me.

“Tell him to stop acting like an idiot.” ‘She tripped me.” “You two both shutup, please. You’re both acting like your kids again when the two of you have your own.”

She walks off and Reiner stands up and walks off without saying a word to me. I limp back into the house and Cato looks mad as hell. I limp towards him and he hugs me. “You look mad, are you?”

“A little bit. Not at you, at myself.” “why are you mad at yourself?” “Just, that were always being attacked and I fear one day that their actually going to get to you like they did to your parents and Johnny.”

“hey, listen to me, the capitol wont do it and you know it. The entire country loves us and if sarah killed us, there would be a rebellion on their hands.” “Still, Clove I don’t want to lose you.”

He pulls me into his arms and embraces me into a long hug. We pull away and I slip and Cato catches me before I hit the ground. “Thanks.” “No problem.”

I regain my balance and walk on my crutches into the living room. All of A sudden, I feel 2 arms wrap around my left leg. I look down and see my daughter, Mira.

“Mira, I cant bend down, stand up.” She stands up and sits on the couch. “Mira, what’s wrong?” “why are you not walking on your feet?” “haha, silly child. Mommy got hurt and cant walk without these.”

Mira kisses my cheek and I blush. “I love you Mommy.” “love you too, Mira.” She walks off and I walk up the stairs and I lay in bed. My eyes start to drift shut and I fall asleep.

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