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Dralan [On Hold] by PaperBlanks
Dralan [On Hold]by Karin (HIATUS)
In a world where vampires feed from other vampires and males dominate females... there is but one precious thing left in their world which every vampire craves... A Mihr...
  • virgin
  • primal
  • frenzy
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Frozen Tears by SophiaKjeldbjerg
Frozen Tearsby SOPHIA K
COMPLETED. "What are you?" he asks, his deep melodious voice vibrating in my ears. I refuse to show him any weakness, any fear at all. I stare into those endle...
  • completed
  • blood
  • dark
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The Demon King by -infrared
The Demon Kingby INFECTIOUS
Demon /ˈdiːmən/ He was a demon He was a king He was seen as evil. But he bowed down to her, his dilectus (beloved) - She was a human She was an angel She was a queen ...
  • king
  • hunger
  • love
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The Capitol Games by amzzz18
The Capitol Gamesby Leanne Rose
~ a Hunger Games fanfiction ~ In Mockingjay, the victors decided to hold one last Hunger Games using only Capitol children. When President Coin was murdered, the Games w...
  • katnisseverdeen
  • presidentpaylor
  • thg
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Fearless (Finnick Odair) Book 1 by Love_Live_Die_17
Fearless (Finnick Odair) Book 1by LiveLoveDie
[1] The Fighter (Finnick Odair) [1] -- The rewrite of this story. The Granite family have no luck in life. They constantly battle every day struggles of living in Distri...
  • hungergames
  • game
  • finnick
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The Green Games (Dramione) by FrostedGemstones
The Green Games (Dramione)by FrostedGemstones
Harry was 13, and the rebellion had to come before its time. When he failed, Voldemort had the children fight to the death. Now, it's a sick game for the Purebloods who...
  • draco
  • death
  • games
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Careers Have Feelings Too by clatoforeverx
Careers Have Feelings Tooby Ella
The Careers of the 74th Hunger Games were more than ruthless killers. They each had a background, they each had a story. For some of them, the arena changed them in ways...
  • glarvel
  • careers
  • hunger
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caged | the hunger games by stilestastic
caged | the hunger gamesby - ̗̀ kristyn ̖́-
❝Too many war wounds and not enough wars.❞ it's the 75th annual hunger games, and thalia forkshire knows that means there will be a twist - she just didn't expect it to...
  • pfcc2k16
  • fanfiction
  • games
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Reunited // Finnick Odair by xmxgicx
Reunited // Finnick Odairby zoe-elizabeth
When Vivianna Everly was a young girl she lost nearly everything. President Snow forced her to change districts - losing her only close friend, Finnick Odair. After time...
  • effie
  • everdeen
  • odair
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Hunger | Yoonmin by minsserendipity
Hunger | Yoonminby 🌙Jun🌙
Park Jimin is starving. He was never the skinny kid, he was always the one who would be made fun of for his weight. He always acted like he didn't care, but he really di...
  • minyoongi
  • disorder
  • btssuga
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Selected Future (Hunger games-Cato love story-AU) by Unfaithfuldesires462
Selected Future (Hunger Unfaithfuldesires462
District Two is a career District that provides the best tributes every year for the games, but not all the tributes are the same. For the 72nd Hunger Games, the Mayor o...
  • fanfiction
  • games
  • catohadley
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Miraculous Games by cloverbrooks
Miraculous Gamesby Clover... Just Clover
*~ May the Lucky Charm be ever in your favor ~* (Miraculous Ladybug/Hunger Games AU) --- Marinette, the local baker girl in her district, volunteers to protect the littl...
  • ladybug
  • adrienette
  • ladrien
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Our Love Could Be Lethal by SwimmerGirl217
Our Love Could Be Lethalby SwimmerGirl217
"Sweetheart you underestimate how much Finnick loves this girl. My tip, don't be the one to get in between the bronze God and his ninja-assassin girlfriend otherwis...
  • district2
  • district4
  • panem
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FOOL'S GOLD - f. odair [1] by buckiplier
FOOL'S GOLD - f. odair [1]by — ABBIE —
But, I'm not done yet, falling for your fool's gold. BOOK ONE - THE HUNGER GAMES BUCKIPLIER © 2014
  • mockingjay
  • odair
  • hunger
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THE TRUTH IS, WE WERE ONLY EVER BORN TO DIE. clove x cato { previously known as 'the girl who played with knives' } featured in @fanfic's official hunger games reading...
  • cato
  • swords
  • played
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The rebellion of hope  by multifanggirl
The rebellion of hope by multifanggirl
Introduction Name :(Y/N) (Y/L/N) Place of birth : district 13 Age:22 Personality: (will be explained in the story) Family members: are deceased Extra information: this...
  • finnick
  • odair
  • thg
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Yours [Prim/Cato] by elaineruth08
Yours [Prim/Cato]by elaineruth08
Cato Hadley. Those two words alone make my heart jump into the sky and fly into the universe, and it would take a whole millennia for my heart to come back to earth in...
  • everdeen
  • prato
  • primrose
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Beauty and the Brute||Catoniss Fanfic by shannon_writesx
Beauty and the Brute||Catoniss shannon
After all Katniss has been through, starvation, the games, losing the boy she started to love to the monster from two, can Katniss learn how to love again, especially co...
  • fanfiction
  • hungergames
  • cato
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DARK PARADISE - f. odair [2] by buckiplier
DARK PARADISE - f. odair [2]by — ABBIE —
Every time I close my eyes, it's like a dark paradise. BOOK TWO THE HUNGER GAMES BUCKIPLIER © 2015
  • hunger
  • fire
  • mockingjay
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Life With the Brute||Sequel to Beauty and the Brute||Catoniss Fanfic by shannon_writesx
Life With the Brute||Sequel to shannon
Where Katniss and Cato get through life after the games.
  • hunger
  • hungergames
  • sequel
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