Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

I pick Callie up and she is awake but she can barely stand on her own power. I help her to the hospital and they take her  back to a room and her boyfriend arrives and he shakes my hand. I nod at him and then I walk back to my house.

I walk upstairs and Mira is still sound asleep. I go into Braden’s room and he is squirming around in his crib. I pick him out of his crib and change his diaper. I take him downstairs and place him in his playpen.

He starts messing with his toys and I hear Mira walk down the steps. “hey, mommy.” I turn around and she leaps into my arms. I kiss her on the cheek and she jumps down.

She sits down on the couch and I turn on her favorite TV show. I walk into the kitchen and I get me a glass of water. I go back into the living room and sit next to Mira. All of a sudden, she is hit in the head with a plastic toy.

I look over at Braden and he is giggling and my face turns into a frown. I walk over to Braden’s playpen. I look at him and pick him up out of his playpen. I set him down in front of me and I shake my head at him.

“Braden we don’t throw things in this house, okay?” He can tell I’m being serious. He then points to Mira and he wants to hug her. I pick him up and Mira takes him away from me and hugs him.

Mira hands Braden back to me and I place him back in his playpen. I go down into the basement and grab a box and take it upstairs. Mira is too busy watching tv to even notice me.

I walk upstairs and put it on my bed and Cato comes out of the shower and he is in shorts and he has no shirt on. I start unpacking the boss and its my reaping outfit from my first Hunger Games.  I wore a red dress with red flats.

I look deeper into the box and I find the bracelet that Cato gave me during my 2nd Hunger Games.  I slide it on my wrist and Cato places his hands on my shoulders. I turn around and he kisses me,

We break away and I hear a scream come from outside. I grab my knifes and run outside. Cato puts on a shirt and follows me. I see my older brother, bleeding from his head. I check his pulse and he has none. Tears start pouring down my face. I soon realize that I have lost my older brother.

I then see Julianna, Hazel, and Reiner run outside. They kneel beside Johnny's dead body and we all pray and we carry Johnny's body and bury him beside our parents. Julianna sees me clutching my knife really hard.

I throw it as hard as I can aganist the tree and she places her hands on my shoulders. Cato takes my hands and I start to calm down. I then see Prim walk out of my house with Mira and Braden.

Cato takes Braden and Mira walks over to me. Cato tells her what's going on. Mira motions for me to kneel down and i do. She plants a kiss on my cheek and I do the same. Peacekeepers show up and I cant even try to speak right now.

Cato tells them about everything that has happened and they leave. Prim sees me and hugs me tight and I return the favor. My whole family embeaces in a tight hug. I swear I will find out who killed my brother and I have a feeling Sara Snow had something to do with it.

Cato, Braden, Mira and myself go back to our house. I go upstairs and change into my pajamas. I climb underneath the covers and bawl my eyes out and the covers are lifted and I know it’s Cato. He wraps his arms around me.

I turn and face him. “Are the kids asleep”? He nods his head and I go into the bathroom and take my makeup off. I go back into our room and get underneath the covers. Cato wraps his huge, muscular arms around me. He kisses me on the cheek. I lay my head down on my pillow and I drift asleep wondering what tomorrow brings.

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