Chapter 34

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I lay down on the ground as my boyfriend, who has no sleeves on his arm, inspects the huge gash in my left leg.

“James, how bad is it?” I ask.

“Pretty bad, it’s a couple of inches deep. You’re developing blood poisoning.” He says as I lean my head back.

All of a sudden, I hear a beeping sound and then a boom of a cannon. I see the girl from 4 up in the sky. There’s only 6 of us left now. The beeping continues and a parachute lands in my lap. I open and I see a small container and a slip of paper is attached to it.

I unhook the paper and I smile.

“Cassi, told you I wouldn’t let you die, I got your message. Apply gently. ~Clove.” I hand the little container with the medicine in it to James.

“apply gently, James.” I remind him. He applies it into my wound and it stings. I fidget around and James stops.

“Okay, hopefully that will save your life.” He says. I hear 3 cannons go off and my head directs toward the sky. I see the boy from 11, Anesia, and jack's faces in the sky. All of a suuden, I hear a roar and Coast isn't too far away. 

"James, we have to move." He gets to his feet and grabs my hand and pulls me up. I hobble on one leg and we see a brush of bushes and we hide in there. All of a sudden, we hear Coast's voice.

"Cassi and James, come out and play." He says with a mocking tone. He walks right by us and James bursts out of the bushes and tackles Coast from behind. They both struggle to get control. Coast throws James a couple feet. Coast goes for a death blow with his spear but James moves out of the way. 

James spears him into the ground but Coast puts him in a headlock. 

"Since you dont have your pathetic girlfriend around, I'm going to kill you. I'm then going to find her and make her death nice and painfull." Coast says. 

"Thank again, you bastard!" I step out of the bush on my right leg. 

"Still hurt, loser?" Coast says.

"So, You're still a coward." I say pulling a knife from my vest out.

"That's.." I throw the knife and it impales his throat. He falls to the ground dead. His cannon blasts through the arena. James gets up and my leg gives out and I fall to the sand below. James walks over to me and helps me up.

"And your victors of the 80th annual Hunger games, Cassi Bolger and James Morgan!" Cladius Templesmith says. A hovercraft appears and a force field traps us. We travel up with the force field and were pulled into the hovercraft by 2 peacekeepers. 

The hovercraft lands and I am helped off the hovercraft and onto a streacher. They have to hold James back because he's worried sick. I am wheeled into a capitol hospital. I am checked into a room and I feel something being injected into my arm. My eyes soon get doozy and I pass out. 

A few hours later

My eyes open and I feel down and still feel my leg. I see James sitting in a chair in a white suit, with a gold vest and a gold tie. I see crutches beside the bed. I feel a dress on my body. It's a strapless pink dress with jewls all over it. 

My prep team comes ina nd helps me out of the bed. James wakes up and helps me out of bed. He hands me my crutches. I walk on them toward Caesar's stage. I am abckstage and i see Clove and Furling. I crutch over to clove who is still on her crutches. We hug and she whispers in my ear.

"Told you, I had your back." I cant help but smile and then my attention focus on the couch and I almost drop to the floor. I see my 13 year old sister, Allie sitting there. 

"Allie." I say not being able to form words. She walks up to me and hugs me tight. 

"Cass, thank god you're alive." She says to me. She kisses me on my cheek. An axox comes in and waves at me. I crutch out of the room and I see James. I see Caesar Flickerman on stage and I kind of missed him.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the victors of the 80th annual Hunger Games, Cassi Bolger and James Morgan.   James walks behind me and I cructh over to the couch. Caesar helps me sit down and james sits down beside me.

"So, cassi my first question is for you. What  was going through your head when Coast turned on you and stabbed you with his spear?"

I think for a minute.

"Caesar, I was scared for my life, I didnt know what was going to happen. Thank god for James, because I was sure Coast wasnt done." 

"James, my 2nd question is for you. What was your reaction to when your mentor, Clove was able to get the medicine that Cassi needed to you?"

"I was extremely grateful. Even though cass is older then me, I protect her over anything. When Clove got the medicine for cassi's injury, A huge releif came over my body. I can never repay Clove Hazreth. Thank you Clove." 

"Wow, that was emtional. My last question is for the both of you. When Cladius announced that you both had won the games, what was going through your heads?" Caesar asks.

"I was grateful for winning and not losing him. He saved my life. " I say.

"We saved each other." he responds in a nanosecond.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Victors of The 80th Annual Hunger Gamesss!

James and I stand up and the capitol crowd cheers. We are escorted backstage where we get in our regular clothes. I am wearing a blue blouse, shorts, and shoes. James is wearing awhite button down shirt with khaki shorts.

We are then escorted by 2 avox's and 2 peacekeepers back to the train. I get help from Clove and James getting on the train. I crutch into my room and I lay down on my bed. I feel a body curl up next to me. I see my 13 year old sister.

"hey, how's your leg." She asks.

"It hurts, but I'm glad you're here." She puts her hand over my eyes.

"Cass, you need to rest." My younger sister says. I have missed her so much. I nod my head and shut my eyes and I fall asleep.

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