Chapter 12

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I run to the cornucopia and I see that girl from district seven reaching for my knives. I grab her and throw her to the ground and I take a knife out and stab her right in the chest. She dies and I pick up a vest, my knives, and some medicine. Everybody else has left the cornucopia except for Prim, Delanie, Whylie, district one, and myself.

Then Prim takes her maze out and swings and connects with the boy tribute from district one. His skull is caved in. delanie and Whylie stab the girl tribute to death. I then pounce on Cashmere and stab her in the chest multiple times. I get up and put the knife back in my vest. I start directing traffic and we grab the rest of the supplies and take it to our camping spot.

Its on the highest point in the entire arena so we can see everybody. It takes a while to get up there but we are invincible at the moment. We then see the capitol logo appear in the sky. There were 15 tributes killed today. That leaves 21 of us. All of district 12, district two, and district 11 are left. Most of the others are split.

It is nighttime and I agree to keep watch and I see a parachute fly in. I grab it and it open it. I see a note that says, " Thought you guys might need some food. Make sure to share it with everybody. Stay safe and I love you." Cato. I wake up everybody and we each take turns eating he beef stew that Cato sent. IT gets light and then I see huge snakes that have be the biggest that I have ever seen.

I wake everybody up and there now on top of the ridge with us. Delanie throws a spear right into the neck of one of them. Prim and Whylie take out the other one. I am so distracted that I dont see the mentor tribute from d7 creeping up behind me.

He grabs my foot and pulls me down the ridge. he pulls out a sword and i see the other careers looking at me. He swings for my head and I disarm him and take out a knife and stab him right in the chest. Blood starts spitting out of his mouth and he falls dead. I climb back up on the ridge.

I then notice Delanie and Whylie talking and I just ignore them. I sit down and then I see Prim's partner, Rodney and their mentor haymitch. I nudge Prim on the shoulder and she sees them. She then says," let's go take care of some buisness."

I slip down the other side of the ridge. Prim goes down the side near them. I can see her talking to them. She winks at me and I stab Haymitch in the neck. She swings the maze and hits Rodney right in the skull. they both fall dead.

We climb back on the ridge and she then starts to go down again. " where are you going now?" Prim answers me. " i'm going to see if I can find some sand. I'm going to make a trap so nobody else can sneak up on us." She leaves and then Delanie and Whylie stand up.

They shake hands and then they surround me with their weapons pointed at me. " What are you two doing?" I am soooo confused and shocked right now. " Clove, we didnt like you when we first met you and now you're going to die."

Delanie takes her spear and jams it into my right leg. "OWWWWWWW!!!!" Whylie then cuts my right leg and I scream in agony. " Bye bye Clove." They get off the ridge and I see prim who was  watching the whole thing. She climbs up the other side and holds my leg staright. She then takes a t-shirt out of her bag and ties it tightly around my leg.


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