Chapter 35

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Clove POV

My eyes open and I look around and were in my bedrrom back in District 2. Cato has him arms wrapped around my waist. I turn away from him and carefully climb out of bed. I grab my crutches and I scoot down the steps.

I grab my crutches and i open the door. I walk over to Cassi's house. I knock on the door. A middle aged women, around the age of 54, answers the door. 

"Clove, it's nice to see you. How's your leg?" She says. I can tell she is sick like Cassi told me.

"getting better, Mrs. Bolger. Is Cassi around?" I ask.

"Upstairs in her room." She says letting me in.

"Sweetie, can you get up the stairs?" She asks offering to help me.

"No, I'm fine. But, thanks for the help. I hop up her steps and I reach the top floor. I walk down the hallway on my crutches. I see 2 bedrooms right across from each other. I knock on one of the door and I hear no answer.

The door opens and Cassie is on ehr crutches. She sees me and smiles.

"hey, Clove. What brings you here?"

"Just something I wanted to talk to you about." She opens the door some more and lets me in. I it on her bed and she takes a seat beside me.

"So, what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?" She asks.

"about what you said during your interview after the games. You didnt have to think me. I was just doing my job as a mentor."

"Yeah, I felt like I needed to say it. You saved my life, Clove. There was nothing James could have done. I shut my eyes and my mind flashes back to the 74th games. Katniss's images go through my head and I try to shut them out.

"Clove?" Cassi says bringing me out of my flashback.

"Sorry, it was flashbacks. I ahve to go." I say as I rush out of her room. I walk down her steps on my crutches. After about 5 minutes, I get down the steps. I walk out of the door and I walk on my crutches over to my brother's house. I knock on the door and Prim answers the door.

"Clove, you're sweating, whats going on?"

"Come with me." She walks out of the house.

"Clove, what's going on?" She asks again.

"I was at Cassi's and I ahd a flashback from my games." I say. Her face lights up with emotion. I can tell she knows what it was about.

"Prim, I havent told anyone this but there are some days I cant even look at you."

"I understand Clove. If you would have known Katniss better, you would see."

"I just need closure to this whole thing. I want to go visit her grave in District 12. Do you want to come with me?"

"I would be honored.Is it just you and me?" She asks.

"yeah, I havent told Cato yet but i'm sure he will understand."

"Yeah, see you tomorrow." She says as she walks back to her house. I crutch back into my house and Cato opens the door.

"There you are, I was wondering where you were."

"Sorry, I was at Cassi's and Prim's. By the way, Prim and I are taking a visit to District 12 tomrorow. I had a flashback about Katniss. I need closure on this whole situation."

"I completely understand, Clove." He wraps hisa rms around my waist. I lose my balance but just the crutches fall.

"I got you, dont worry." My leg has gotten better and I have a doctor's appointment next week to see If I can get off crutches. I can probably start walking again on my own. I take a seat on the couch. I flip on the TV and all that's on is Capitol Broadcasts on The Games.

I lay down on the couch and rest my leg. I lay my head down on one of the couch pillows. Before I know it, I cant keep my eyes open. I shut my eyes and take myself a nap. I always wonder to myself.

"Can Things Get Any More Complicated In My Life?"

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