Chapter 38

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My eye lids snap open and I stretch my arms and legs. I glance over at my sleeping husband and I giggle. I kiss him on his forehead. I exit the room slowly and I take a peek in my children's room. They are both sleeping peacefully. I close the door quitely. I go back into my room and pick out my clothes for the day. A white tanktop, black cargo pants, and my boots. I hop in the shower and I wash myself off. I finish bathing and hop out of the shower. before I can grab a towel Cato scares the living crap out of me and pulls me into his chest.

"Oh My God, Cato! Don't do that again! You almost gave me a heart attack." I stand completely bare aganist my husband's chest. He smiles and kisses me on my cheek.

"cato, I love you and all but can I get some clothes on, please?" He smiles and leaves the bathroom. I slip on my undergarmets. I pull on my cargo pants. I slip my tank top over my head. I dry my hair and put it in a braid. I strap my double bladed knife to my side.

I walk out of the bathroom to see my husband sitting on our bed. I sit down next to him as I put my boots on. He plays with my braid and I smile. I turn and face him. I plant a huge kiss on his lips.

"Next time, please wait for me to be clothed before you do that?" I ask.

"Okay, my love." All of a sudden, I hear screaming coming from down the hallway. It's my kids yelling at each other. I swear I am so sick of this. I storm down the hallway and I open the door. I see Mira yelling at Braden and he looks like he is about to cry.

"MIRA HAZRETH!" She turns around and her face turns white.

"Downstairs, on the couch, now!" Mira rushes downstairs and I console my son. He calms dow n and I go back into my room.

"Cato, Mira hit Braden on the head. What should we do?" I ask.

"just talk to her in Clove. She will understand." Cato says with reassurance. He pecks a kiss on my head and I walk out of the room. I slowly walk down the steps. Having over 15 screws in your left leg has it's problems. I see Mira sitting on the couch with her face buried in her hands.

I take a seat beside her and I place my hand on her shoulder. She looks up at me and I can see the pain on her face.

"hey sweetheart. What happened? You have always gotten along with Braden." I say. She looks down and I lift her chin up.

"Mira, look at me and answer my question." I say and she looks at me.

"Mom, I don't know what happened. he was complaining about something and I got sick of it. I just pushed him down and that's when he screamed and started crying." Mira replies.

"look I'm not angry but you are grounded for 2 weeks. Okay?" I respond to her statement. She nods her head and I kiss her on her forehead. She heads up the stairs and I stay downstairs. Out of nowhere I hear gunshots from outside. I run over to the window and see Jullianna holding her arm and knee. I see 3 masked people.

I run out the door and Cassi is already out there. She is hovering over my sister. The masked attackers have fled. I see one who fell while trying to escape. I go into an all out sprint after the masked individual.

They dart right into an alley way and I turn on a dime. They stop and look at me. I look at them.

"Who are you?" I demand at the top of my lungs. The masked individual just stares at me. I charge and the person takes off the mask. The long dark brown hair is revealed. It's Miranda Snow. The 17 year old daughter of Sara Snow.

"you.. you.." I charge at her and she bails around another corner. It's not worth it. I go back to the center of the victor's village. Cassi's aunt is a nurse at the hospital so she's tending to my sister's gunshot wounds.

"She going to be alright?" I ask intently. I cant take another dead family member.

"She will be fine. Their just flesh wounds, that's all. I turn around and see the other 2 members who attacked my sister. They smile and take off their masks. I gasp in shock and I stand back.

"Hi Clove. We work for President Snow now."


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