Chapter 49

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We run through the woods and it becomes harder and harder to see due to the very few sunlight. I squint my eyes to see further ahead. The ground shakes more due to the impending volcano eruption. The Volcano is at the other end of the island. But, if it explodes we all are dead and Sara gets her wish.

MY death, wants revenge for her poor daughter’s death. Her stupid daughter deserved it. To thank, I trusted Sara when I first met her back when I was 17 when I was on a mission to kill her father. Now, she has become her father. A tyrant who will do anything to maintain her dictatorship.

Cato is about 20 yards in front of me and then I hear something. A mocking sound but something familiar. A sound of pain, agony, screaming. I walk a little faster as a huge shake in the ground throws me against a tree.

Pain erupts from my back but I fight through it. I stand up and try to catch up to Cato. I don’t spot him. I don’t want to scream either, because there are still some tributes out there. Wiress and Beetee from 3 and Briar from 1.

I go and cut through the ruins from the 75th games and cut back into the forest. I then see Cato talking to Johanna and the others. They look like there 50 yards away, at the most. A quick chirp comes across my ear. I look up and it’s a bird, a jabber jay. Hundreds of them, converse on me. I dart in a different direction. That’s when they start “jabbering.”

“Get away from us! We have nothing to do...” I scream, knowing the voice. My daughter, Mira. My son, Braden.  I pick up speed and see Cato who is still talking to Johanna. How did he not here that. The Jabber Jays start doing it again.

“You’re Hazerth’s. You have everything to do with this.” Sara says. I hear that snake’s voice. That’s when I lose all control to comprehend anything else around me. If someone were to yell my name, right now, I wouldn’t hear them. My mind is off on a more important detail right now.

“Mira! Braden!” I scream. I see Cato just in front of me. He hasn’t moved, how has he heard not this. I run for him and run into something. I put my hands against it and it feels like glass. I hit it as hard as I can and my hand bounces off. It’s a force field.

I run my fingers along the glassy like barrier. Cato turns and now he sees me. Jabberjays fly all around repeating my children screaming bloody murder. I press my hands along the barrier, as does Cato. I scream at the top of my lungs and I see the pain in his eyes. He looks at Gale and he says something to him. Gale pulls out an arrow and notches it.

Cato looks back at me and motions for me to move. I bat my hands at some jabber jays and move behind a tree. Gale shoots an arrow through the force field breaking it. Cato runs to me and now he hears the voices.

"Clove, look at me. Focus. This is not real." I look at my husband, tears rolling down my face. I turn around and see the birds are gone. He pulls me into a hug and I sniffle into his chest. He runs his fingers through my hair. That is what Sara wanted. To make me look week.

"Hey, I think we need to separate. Clove, you need to come with me." Johanna says. I look at her and give her a look. She is right, though.

"Ok, you're right." I say, my voice soft. A loud explosion grabs all of our attention. I turn my entire body in the opposite direction and see lava spewing out of the volcano. The huge eruption knocks us all to the floor below. Johanna picks me up and drags me away from everyone.

"What in the world are you.." My words are cut short by an elbow to the face. I look up and she has already pounced on me. She takes one of my knives out of my vest. I try to fight back but she dodges all of my punches. She has my arms pinned down.

"Stay still, you idiot." Johanna snaps. I look around and see more red lava flowing down the volcano at the end of the island.

I feel the blade of the knive enter my left arm and she twists and turns the knife into my arm. I feel the warm oozing blood run down my arm and into my hand. I feel something hard being ripped out of my arm.

"Gale, do it now!" I hear Johanna scream. I hear another explosion and Johanna sprints off in the other direction. I look down at my arm and it is spewing out blood. I look above me and see a hovercraft, multiple ones actually.

I can’t move my right arm because of the searing pain from Johanna’s blindsided attack. A claw drops down from the hovercraft and engulfs me. I look around me and my body is being lifted. The volcano’s lava has now covered more than half of the arena.

The crane like device has me more than 100 feet in the air. I am pulled into the hovercraft and I separate the crane’s arms and I hop up, looking around. I see Plutarch Heavensbee, the head game maker of the games, Cassi and James.

“What in the blue hell is going on!” I snap, looking around. I wonder where the others are. What happened to them. I have to know.

“Clove, not now. Put her to sleep.” Plutarch instructs. I don’t see Cassi moving in behind me. She stick a syringe in my neck. The serum makes me fall to the cold floor of the hovercraft. Before I pass out from sleep syrup.. Cassi says something that I register in my mind.

“Let’s Go Get The Others. We Have A Rebellion..”

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