Chapter 30

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My eyes open and I am being shaken back and forth."Clove, Clove. Wake up, its training day." I roll out of the bed and cato hands me my crutches. I walk over to the dresser and pick out my clothes for the day. A black t-shirt, tight blue jeans, and my victor boots my dad got me.

I climb in the shower and I wash myself off. I get out of the shower and dry my body off. I put on my undergarments, my t-shirt, and my jeans. I walk out of the bathroom and I put my hair in a ponytail. I walk down the hallway and I Knock On Cassi and James door's.

"Wake Up. It's the first day of training, Let's go." I hear groans and then I hear drawers opening and I walk into the living room. Cato, Prim, Brutus. and Enobaria are already dressed and are waiting for me in the living room.

I put my crutches down and I sit on the couch and wait for Cassi and James to come out. After about half an hour, Cassi comes out of her room with her training outfit. A black and blue shirt with the district 2 patch on her sleeves. Black pants and brown boots. 5 minutes later, James comes out wearing the same thing. I grab my crutches and I walk into the elevator which takes us down to the training center floor.

There is a balcony where all the mentors sit and Cato helps me sit down. I look over and see Plutarch Heavensbee and the rest of the gamemakers. I then see standing beside Plurach is Sarah and she has a girl around the age of 3 beside her.

Sarah's eyes lock onto me and she makes her way over to me. "Clove, nice to see you again." "You too, Sarah. "oh, my apologies. This is my daughter, Emily." I look down at the floor and see the trainer explain the rules. The the tributes go in their different directions. I am looking at the rest of the tributes, and unlike the year before District One's tributes are huge.

I see Cassi go straight to the knives and I pay attention her skills. She hits all 6 targets with ease and It's so weird how how she is like me. I then see Gloss, the district one mentor walk over towards me. He walks up to me an dsays," Want our tributes to be allies?"

"That would be a great idea, I say." Gloss walks back over to where he was orginally and I sit down in one of the chairs. I then see Cassi and James sitting in a corner talking. All of a sudden, 2 other tributes approach them.

I stand up and watch closely. There talking to each other and the girl tribute piefaces Cassi and she loses her balance and falls back, her head bouncing off the concrete wall. She is knocked out and James gets up in the girls face. Cato jumps the guardrail and holds James back. Cato and Brutus talke James back up to our floor.

Enobaria takes an unconcious Cassi to the medic on our floor. I go back up to our floor and sit on the edge of Cassi's bed. Enobaria brings her in and places her on her bed. Her head is bandaged and she is still knocked out.

I continue to sit there and wait until she wakes up. I see her stiring and her eyes open slowly. She puts her hand to her head and winces. Her eyes lock onto me and she motions for me to sit beside her. I move the stool beside her.

"Cassi, what happened, do you remember?" "no, not really. My head is killing me." She lays abck down and closes her eyes, falling back asleep. I stand up and walk on my crutches back into the living room. I see Cato and Brutus in the living room.

"How's James, I ask." "He's pretty mad about what happened. He told us that the tributes were from 11." I crutch into Jame's room and he's sitting on his bed.

"Hey, can you tell me what happened?"

"so, these two tributes from district 11 came over to us and started saying things like, the lovebirds are here and stuff like that. Cassi got in the girls face and told her to back off anf go back to her little wormhole. Then the girl tribute piefaced her and hurt her."

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