Chapter 5

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I just stand there in absolute shock. Wow, she teraveled a long way to get here. She then says," can I talk to you in private? Without weapons." I take out all my weapons and we head upstairs and shut the door. She then slaps me across the face.

"You're a feisty 12 year old arent you." She then says, i forgive you for killing my sister. I know you did out of love. I'm sure i wouldve done the same thing if I were in that situation." I forgot cato was still in the room. She then opens the door and leaves. I hear the front door shut.

I'm just standing there in shock. Cato wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my cheek. I look at my skin and it is turning pale. I walk back to the bed andd get underneath the covers. Cato gets in with me and puts his arms aroubd my neck.

he kisses me hard on my lips. We fall asleep in each others arms. I wake up and cato must have gone home to do some stuff. I see a note on the desk. I pick it up and it reads,"Clove, Went home to do laundry. Be back later. Cato."

I decide to walk around the district and go shopping. I put on a white t-shirt, black jeans, a black jacket, and boots. I run imto the masonry shop and put in a necklace order. It says, Clove and cato Forever. with a sword and a knife crossing. I pay the guy and he hands me the 2 necklaces.

I get back home and cato has a wristband that says I Love Clove Kemmings. He puts it on my wrist. I hand him the necklace and I help him put it on. he helps me put mine on as well. You can tell that were in deep love.

There is a knock on the door  and it is Brutus. he tells us that the cameras will start arriving in 2 weeks. So, clove we want to reveal the engagement on live television during your interview with ceaser. So, keep the ring hidden.

He leaves and then i start to feel dizzy. The last thing I hear is cato's voice. I wake up in my bed with cato watching my every move. I am so confused right now. "somebody slipped a deadly pill in your water. somebody is trying to kill you clover."

I sit up and start sharpening my knives and Johnny comes in and hands me a letter. Its from Snow. he's telling me that I better watch my back. I go up to my room and I take my pants and shirt off. it gets so hot in here at night.

I'm looking at my body and i'm gettung more fit. I dont even notice cato walk in and he starts tickiling me and I fall to the floor. I roll around trying to hit him so he will stop. But I cant. he's way too strong. he finally stops and lets me up. II start to put some sweatpants on and I notice cato looking at my butt.

I smile because at least he thinks like that. If he wants a show, I'll give him one. I bend over and touch the floor. I'm pretty much giving him the oppurtunity to hit my butt. But, I wasnt expecting him to hit me that hard. I jump about 2 feet in the air. I put my sweatpants back on and a sweatshirt. I climb on his back and force him to the ground.

he flips me over in about 2 seconds. "Nice try Clove." he picks me up and tosses me on my bed. he puts me underneath the covers and kisses me. We fall asleep holding each others hand.

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