Chapter 16

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A shadow appears in front of me. I then see 3 girls all with guns in front of me. "You think you were going to get away with making the capitol look stupid?", one of them says. I look at her and say," You will never get away with this!" I spit in her face and she slaps me across the face. " Were going to kill you just not right now." 

They walk out and I'm tied to a metal chair. my head is strapped and so is my back. I'm pretty much defenseless aganist any attack. I sit there waiting my death. I then feel that the straps are thin and its a material I know. My double b;aded knife is in my jacket sleeve. 

The door opens and President Snow walks in and sits in front of me. "Mrs. Hazreth, I'm sorry that it had to be this way but you are just to unstable to live." He then walks out and I'm left alone again.After a couple of hours a girl comes in. She looks at me and says," Time for you to die." She then takes her sword and drives it into my right leg. I scream in pain. There is a huge gash in my right leg.

It is bleeding alot. I am wincing in pain at the sight of my leg. I then look down at my house arrest ankle bracelet. It doesent take very much for it to go off and the entire district 2 peacekeeper force will be here in minutes. I'm trying to kick it but I cant move my legs Then all of a sudden, I hear explosions and screaming coming from outside. 

The door opens and I see Julianna, Chris, Hazel, Prim, and Cato. They untie me from the chair. I can see Cato is furious when he sees my leg. He picks me up and carries me out. I am losing blood fast. I feel dizzy and I black out. 

 wake up and I'm in my bed at my house. I look down at my leg and it is bandaged heavily and I see a note beside me. I pick it up and it reads," Clove, I went out with your mom to get some medicine for you. I'll be back later. Do not move from he bed. I love you bunches, Cato." 

I blush a bit and I put the bote in my pillow case. I hear someone coming up the stairs. The door opens and it is Prim and Reiner. "hey sis, how you feeling?" "I'm alright, I've been better." He comes to the side of the bed and sits there for a minute.

I whisper in his ear. "Kiss her." reiner looks at Prim and they kiss. I'm thinking to myself, I'm so good. They break away and Reiner leaves. Prim sits beside me and I freak out." Prim, where are my kids?" She says," There both asleep."

She then leaves to catch up with Reiner. I hear the door open and I hear my mom and Cato. Cato comes in and takes the bandages off my leg and puts new ones on. He then puts a brace on my knee. I sit up and I kiss him. 

He looks at me and a huge smile comes across his face. He sits on the bed next to me. I then hear crying coming from Braden's room. I get up and pick him out of his crib. U start rocking him back and forth. He falls asleep and I set him back in the crib.

I see Mira peeking her head out. She walks out and she walks with me. I sit down on the bed. I pick her up and place her on my lap. She just smiles at me and then i notice blood on her arm. "Mira, why are you bleeding?" "I fell on a rock outside." I clean up the wound and I put a band aid on it.

She then walks out of the room. I walk downstairs and fix some luncg. I call Mira and she carries Braden downstrairs. She hands him over to me. I place him in the high chair. he eats all of his food. After luch, I go and take a shower. 

I put on a white t-shirt, tight blue jeans, and boots. I walk outside and Go to my mom's house. I knock on the door and Reiner answers. "hey sis." He lets me in and I ask wheres mom. He tells me that she is downstairs. 

I walk downstairs and I tap her on the shoulder. "hey clove, whats up?" "I need you to watch Mira and Braden for me. Cato, Prim, and I are going to the capitol for a couple of days." She agrees and I go back to my house. 

I put on my red training jacket and I arm myself with my knifes. Cato arms himself with knifes and his sword. Prim has her maze and we get on a train that takes us to bhe capitol. It takes about 3 hours or so to get there. 

The train arrives and we get out and everybody moves out of the way. We start walking towards President Snow's mansion. Its time for operation stealth kill. After what seems like days, we finally reach Snow's mansion. 

There are 4 peacekeepers guarding the gate and 4 of them guarding the actual entrance. I throw 4 knifes at the ones gurading the gate. We drag thier bodies out of view. I see a figure come out from the mansion.

We get out of view. But then the mystery girl kills the 4 peacekeepers guarding the entrance to the mansion. She walks toward us and says," Hi, my name is Sara Snow. I'm Snow's only daughter. I'm 31 years old." 

She walks with us and we enter the mansion. She shows us where Snow spends most of his time. She knocks on the door and Snow opens it and we rush in. I tackle him to the ground. " Finally, I have you in my grasp again." I stab him in the chest multiple times. 

Cato picks him up and Prim swings her maze and it connects with Snow's skull. He falls dead and Sara comes with us back to district 2. We get on the train and head back to district 2. We arrive and everybody is cheering us because Snow is dead.

Cato and I arrive back at our house. he goes and picks up Mira and Braden. Cato opens the door and Mira runs up to me and hugs me. I pick her up and kiss her on the cheek. She smiles and says," I missed you mommy." 

I put her back down and she goes upstairs. I take Braden upstairs and place him in his crib. I go into my rrom and I put on a blue tank top and black short shorts. I lay in bed with Cato. I wrap my arms around Cato and he does the same with me.

He kisses me and I love him for it. We break away and we sit up. I wrap my legs around his waist. We then start making out. It then turns to  french. After about 5 minutes we break away. I fall asleep with his protective arms around me.


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