Chapter 15

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I wake up and it is my wedding day. I get up and Cato has already gone with his men. I get a shower and i head towards the church. I get my hair done at my moms beauty shop. My hair looks stunning. I then go to the church and get ready.

My prep team gets me ready for the wedding. They finish and I look in the mirror. The dress looks beautiful. Prim, ny mom, Hazel, and Julianna come in. "Clove, youre amazing. You can do this", my mom says. 

They go in the church and get in positions. I have seen Cato's suit. It's a very shiny silver suit. Then the music hits. Brutus takes my arm and we start walking down the aisle. I stand in front of Cato. The preacher then says," ladies and gentlemen, we are gatherede here today for the joining of Clove Verona Kemmings and Cato Jonathan Hazreth.

Then the preacher points to the bowl with a candle in it. "This candle bowl helps us remenber Clove's father, Robert Kemmings. The bride and groom have written their own vows and they will read them now."

I take a piece of paper out and start reading my vows. "Cato, ever since we met each other 8 years ago, we have been tight as a vise. I knew from the age of 10, that we were meant to be together. I love you more than anybody in the world. We have a beautiful daughter and I love you forever and always."

Cato then starts to read his vows. " Clove, you are the love of my life. Ever since we started dating 4 years ago, I will protect you always. Even though we have been through some tough times lately, we will get through it. I love you Clove."

The preacher then starts talking again. "Can I have the rings please?" Cato's dad and Prim hand the preacher the rings that say love is forever on them. He then hands one to each of us. he then looks at me and says,"Clove, do you promise to take care of Cato in sickness and in health. Whether in riches or in poverty and stay loyal to him?" "I Do." 

I then slide the ring on to Cato's ring finger. He then reads the same thing to cato and he responds," I Do." he then slides the ring onto my ring finger. Then the preacher says," Then with the power invested in me and by the power of district two, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the pride. 

Cato kisses me and we walk down the aisle. "There is a reception at the Clove's house", the preacher says. Everybody shows up at my house and I'm now in a t-shirt, jeans, and boots. Cato is in a t-shirt, shorts, and shoes.

Enobaria hands Mira to me and I play with her a little bit. "Hows my baby girl?" She just giggles at me and I kiss her on the cheek. Everybody leaves after 3 hours or so. Cato, Mira, and I move into our own house. 

I set evrything up and then I realized something. My birthday is tomorrow. I'm turning 17 and Cato is 4 months older than me. Cato then hands me Mira. I just hold her in my arms. She then starts crying and she wont stop. I then see what the problem is. 

She has something sharp in her tiny leg. I pull it out and she starts screaming her head off. I rock her back and forth. "its alright, its alright. I pat her back and she stops crying. I kiss her and then she says," momma and dadda." I look at Cato and he looks at me and we both break down.

6 years later

My name is Clove Hazreth. I am 21 years old. I have a wonderful husband, cato. I have a 5 year old daughter and an 12 month old so named Braden. Mira comes up to me and says," mommy, whats this?" She has my double bladed knife. "Mira, where did you find this?" 

She just looks at me. "I found it under the couch." She hands it to me and I tell her not to play with knifes. She walks out and I sit on the bed. Cato walks in and sits beside me. I take a seat on his lap. He puts his arms around my waist.

I then hear a knock on the door and I go downstairs and open it. President Snow is standing there and he walks in. "Mrs. Kemmings, i just wanted to tell you personally that the hnger games are cancelled." He then walks out of my house. 

I'm so excited that my kids don't have to go through what Cato and I had to go through. I go upstairs and I get under the covers and I fall asleep. I wake up to Cato holding Braden. " Go back to sleep Clove, I got this." 

I fall back asleep and I think about how my life is awesome. I wake up and I;m being whipped by Snow. I wake up for real to Cato with his arms around me. "You alright Clover?" "Yeah Cato. I'm fine." He then kisses me and I blush. Then 4 peacekeepers storm into the room and take me away and Im knocked out.

I wake up and I'm in a whiyte room with a staright jacket on. "WHERE IN THE HELL AM I?"

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