Chapter 36

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I feel my body being shaken. I open my eyes and see Prim. 

"Clove, Clove." She says trying to wake me up. I sit up and rub my eyes. 

"Sorry, I passed out." 

"It's fine, I thought we get going today so we could get their tomorrow, what do you think?" She suggests.

"Okay." I rub my eyes once more. She hands me my crutches and I stand up. I walk upstairs and see Mira peacefully sleeping. Braden his in his crib sound asleep. I shut their door quietly. I open the door to my room and see my husband out cold. I walk next to him and kiss him. He doesn't move. I walk on my crutches as quietly as I can.

I walk out of the room and shut the door behind me. Prim helps me get down the steps. I grab my jacket and the painkillers in case my leg starts acting up. I walk to the door and Prim opens it.

"Ready?" She asks.

"Yeah, Let's do this." I respond.

I walk out of the house and we go towards a train. The peacekeepers escort us on the train. I hear the train start up. It speeds off towards District 12. Prim hasn't been there since the victory tour a couple of months ago.

"Prim, does your mom still live in District 12?" I ask

"yeah, I just don't know how she's going to take you. You did kill her oldest daughter." Prim says,

" I know, I know."

The train is probably going at 100 mph and it feels so calm. The sky turns black and the moon comes out lighting up the night sky. I go and lay down on the couch. My mind flashes back to my games. All I can see is Katniss, Katniss, Katniss. I shake my head and the flashback goes away.

My eyes shut and I take a nap. The light shines through the windows  and wakes me up. The train has stopped and I look out the window. I see a ravaged district. We have arrived in District 12. Prim has her Maze attached to her belt. I put on my vest of knives and my double bladed knife is on my side. 

We walk out of the train and surprisingly no one notices us. Prim leads us to a part of District 12 that looks like a homeless village.

"Clove, this is the Seam. This is where I used to live. It's the poorest part of District 12."

"Yeah, I can tell." 

"Prim!" A voice yells. I turn in the direction where I heard the sound. I see a boy who looks to be about 24. He has dark brown hair. 

"Hey Gale. Nice to see you back in District 12. How;s District 2?" He asks. 

"It's good Gale." Gale's eyes lock with mine and he knows who I am without me even speaking.

"is that her?" Gale asks. I walk up to him and he extends his hand.

"Gale Hawthorne." He says. I shake his hand and express my gratitude.

"Clove Hazreth." 

"I understand what you did. You did to help your siblings and your family. I have younger siblings and my Mom is in pretty nad shape. My dad died in a mining accident along with Prim's." He says.

Prim hugs him and we walk toward Prim's old house. It is a small house that could fit in my living room back at home. Prim walks up to it and knocks on the door.  The door opens slightly and her mom pokes her head through.

"Prim! Nice to see you!" Her mom locks eyes with mine and her face turns into a face of anger,

"YOU BROUGHT HER HERE! SHE KILLED KATNISS, PRIM!" Prim's mom walks up to me and punches me right in the face. I fall to the ground. I am steaming mad but I put my anger aside. Prim takes her mom inside and I hear Priim going off.

She walks out of the house and slams the door behind her. She helps me up and she takes me behind the house. I see a tombstone and I walk up to it.

"Katniss Everdeen, loving daughter and friend." I take one of my knives out of my vest. This is the ultimate sign of respect in District 2 from Hunger Games Victors. I place it down on her grave and I stand up. 

I walk off and Prim follows. We walk back to the train and board it. I go into a room and their is a bed in it. I get under the covers and I close my eyes. 

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