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Lethal Lovers by serenaaaa02
Lethal Loversby 🍯 s e r e n a 🍯
Rowan Everdeen, Yes you read it right. Everdeen, younger sister of the capitol darling, Katniss. Rowan is reaped for the 74th Hunger Games, and with Everdeen blood flowi...
  • cato
  • joshhutcherson
  • thehungergames
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PUGNATOR - FIGHTER (LATIN) by SensationalSleeping
PUGNATOR - FIGHTER (LATIN)by SensationalSleeping
HUNGER GAMES - MOCKINGJAY BOOK 1 - Indiana Summers is the niece to two Victors and the sweetheart of the Capitol but now she'd been dropped into the Games. Will her ski...
  • hadley
  • fire
  • hunger
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Not Supposed To Be by -Nighthunter27
Not Supposed To Beby -Nighthunter27
Brook Odair is reaped for the 74th Hunger Games. Just when she is finally getting over a long sickness, that left her weak. Will she survive?
  • cato
  • finnickodair
  • hungergames
Yours [Prim/Cato] by elaineruth08
Yours [Prim/Cato]by elaineruth08
Cato Hadley. Those two words alone make my heart jump into the sky and fly into the universe, and it would take a whole millennia for my heart to come back to earth in...
  • prato
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Come on Cato kill me, I dare you! by TaylaBarnes1
Come on Cato kill me, I dare you!by T🥀
Could Cato a confident, brutal, bloodthirsty killer from district 2 fall in love with a calm, caring girl from ditrict 8? Only one way to find out.
  • hungergames
  • cato
  • catoromance
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Cato, I'm sorry I left you by PeetaForeverxxxx
Cato, I'm sorry I left youby Bri x
Suzie is just a normal girl from district 2 whos family has died because of the cruel Capitol, and all she wants is to do is be with them again. She figures the best way...
  • cato
  • hungergames
Last Lone Survivor~A Hunger Games Fanfic by carrienaz19
Last Lone Survivor~A Hunger carrienaz19
Read along as 14 year old Carla Cortez fights her way to being the youngest female victor; similar to how her mentor Finnick was dubbed the youngest male victor when he...
  • thehungergames
  • finnickodair
  • thecareers
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promises • cato the hunger games  by daydreamdalliances
promises • cato the hunger games by 💫
"don't make promises you can't keep." COMPLETED
  • peetamellark
  • cato
  • galehawthorne
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Dangerous Affection- The Hunger Games- A Cato Love Story by FallenAngel1312
Dangerous Affection- The Hunger Allison
The Hunger Games; A fan fiction staring the lovely Cato, and my OC Alexandra Cade. Action and romance, as the original. Read on :)
  • ludwig
  • games
  • affection
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Our Love Never Dies (an Everlark fanfic) by whynotwhy7
Our Love Never Dies (an Everlark whynotwhy7
Katniss Everdeen just moved to Panem from a very poor place called District 12. Her mother went into a deep depression when her father died. Then one night she goes out...
  • climmer
  • annie
  • clarvel
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